Language: Tool for Good or Weapon of Destruction


Language is one of our greatest tools.  It is also one of our deadliest weapons.  What we say, how we say it, where we say, and to whom we say it can all have a tremendous impact.  The environment and the listener’s state of mind add to the impact.  Emotions come into play.  Statements are taken out of context.  Statements can and will be misinterpreted.  Once communicated, one;s statement may have positive or negative results.  There is a strong possibility at times that the resulting reaction to the statement may be completely contrary to the intention.  Once a statement is made, it cannot be taken back.  History is made, and it cannot be reversed.  What is said or has been written down becomes permanently memorialized.  In a word, it is irreparable.

How do you use or separate emotion from verbal communication?  That is the question.  There is no bullet-proof answer…

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