Family Justice Reform : Committee of Commonsense!

John Hemming MP

Judges Gavel photo: Judges Gavel gavel_side_md_clr.gif

Sir Bob Geldof






Camilla Cavendish                                                                                                                     Sir Bob Geldof 

Alison Stevens


Alison Stevens                                                                                                                                                    Jon Gaunt




Bill Maloney                                                                                                                                           Erin  Pizzey  



Gloria Hunniford speaks on her mobile phone in London

Esther Rantzen explores the issue on The One Show

    Esther-Rantzen                                                                                                                       GLORIA HUNNIFORD

James Whale


2 thoughts on “Family Justice Reform : Committee of Commonsense!

  1. l was ment to be assessed by ss but they lied to court my grandchildren where taken on 24th july 2014 my daughter made a complaint against a social worker who kised cuddled and said she was his this was brushed under the carpet by head of social servies in cornwall last time l saw my grandchildren was 1st of aug we had police taking a statement about this social worker nothing was done but they still took them the first time l saw the baby smelt like he wa laying in his own sick he was terrible and the other children looked like zombies scared to talk my granddaughter cried when we left there saying she wanted to go home with us but the sw is asking the court for adoption llove my grandchildren very much ss knows lm close to them lm not happy cause they bring up my past oer 20 yrs ago l fought 8 yrs for children and won but l had 2 younger ones as well the never took them from if l was a bad mother etc they would have removed them but never plz help its due bk in court soon in truro cornwall

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  2. Another horrific story i hear of these terrible sleezy social workers…………..I had the same for my daughter and even the forster carer where shocked how weird he was………drooling over my children’s every word. He would spy on my children was my daughter 10 yrs old said to me and the foster carer……………..

    We will get justice!

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