Daily update for my Boys 30 April 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira





Good Evening Little Men!

Hope my Champs are doing great today !

Apologies for being so late today but had loads to sort as I was only due to travel the weekend but am now leaving tomorrow morning so it’s a mad house here to pack , book flights , hotels and sort the house …..

I think I have just sat down for the first time sine around 7 am ! , the fact that my work email has not stopped today is not helping either …..seems the lazy calm days are now truly over without any notice ……. I guess it’s like riding a bike you never forget how to do something even if you have not done it for a while ……

I am sure I have packed way to much stuff but as I am away from home for so long on this round I had…

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Disclosure of medical records breached patient’s human rights – Strasbourg

UK Human Rights Blog

Hospital-BedL.H. v Latvia [2014] ECHR 453 (29 April 2014) – read judgment

The release of confidential patient details to a state medical institution in the course of her negotiations with a hospital over a lawsuit was an unjustified interference with her right to respect for private life under Article 8.


In 1997 the applicant gave birth at a state hospital in Cēsis. Caesarean section was used, with the applicant’s consent, because uterine rupture had occurred during labour. In the course of that surgery the surgeon performed tubal ligation (surgical contraception) without the applicant’s consent.

In 2005, after her attempt to achieve an out-of-court settlement with the hospital had failed, the applicant initiated civil proceedings against the hospital, seeking to recover damages for the unauthorised tubal ligation. In December of 2006 her claim was upheld and she was awarded compensation in the amount of 10,000 Latvian lati for the…

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How to deal with the big moment: don’t fake it, become it.

Tri Fatherhood


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I heard a social psychologist named Amy Cuddy speak recently about the power of body language on personal self confidence. She suggested that through trials and studies at prestigious universities it has been proven that people who take a powerful posture naturally feel more powerful.

Cuddy, a professeor at Harvard Business School, suggests that power poses have an impact on our personal testosterone and cortisol levels – and perhaps raise our chances of success in stressful situations when we aren’t quite sure of ourselves.

It’s obvious that our posture and non-verbal communication have an impact on how others see us. But what’s really useful is the knowledge that how we carry ourselves impacts us as well.

I learned this first hand 20+ years ago from my high school wrestling coach.

I was always a good wrestler. And before long I found myself surrounded by older wrestlers at…

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