I have often written about grandparents-4-justice so was pleased when Campaigner esther-rantzen said on theBBC The One Show she would take up the mantra on behalf  Grandparents separated from their grandchildren due to divorce or separation by their own child! Gloria Hunniford and James Whale have also spoken out on this and I believe if there was a head of steam behind this campaign I think the reform of Family Justice and Child Welfare could be won by these merchants of common sense!



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Closed material in UK proceedings cannot be disclosed in Strasbourg

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blind justiceWang Yam v Attorney General [2014] EW Misc 10 (CCrimC) 27 February 2014 – read judgment

It is for the UK government to decide whether to vary an order preventing publication of material heard in private in a murder trial, if the offender goes on to petition the European Court of Human Rights. It is not for the Strasbourg Court to determine whether the right to a fair trial should outweigh the risks to UK national security reasons.

The question regarding a state’s obligation not to impede the right of individual petition to Strasbourg arose where the applicant offender applied for an order permitting him to refer to material, which had been restricted on national security grounds during his murder trial, in an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

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Whats Happening……SYRINGOMYELIA

Patricia McKnight ~~ My Justice

407788_224201680990018_1764870793_n Patricia A McKnight

Mentor/Author/Advocate/Speaker/Radio Prod & Host

Owner/CEO: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Many are the blogs & radio shows I’ve posted & discussed concerning the many physical impacts of living through trauma and some of the harm which leaves permanent physical damage to our bodies from being beaten and thrown around. Also, as my online family & friends I’ve shared with you about the problems I’ve been having of late with my health and trying to get back into the swing of things. Well this is a writing about one of the physical conditions I am left wounded with, but what I’ve found out is that many of the badly beaten and thrown around souls out there have injuries just like mine from extreme physical trauma to our bodies.

Do you know what is and how it impacts physical & neurological aspects of our person?

Medical definition as found here…

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