If Politicians Only Did The ‘Right’ Thing………….!

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……What Would These Have To Talk About?




Daily update for my Boys 27 April 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira






Good evening Little Men!

How are my Champs doing today ? I do hope very well indeed!

Well I must say today felt like a Sunday , lol yes , yes I know it is Sunday but with it being Bank Holiday tomorrow it will be Sunday once more …..

I had a fair bit of work stuff to sort this morning and then the rest of the day has just been chilling on the sofa ! Ouma brought some chocolate cake today , can’t remember when last I have had that …don’t stress she did not bake it herself …lol , she went shopping for snacking things it seems , must be the winter munchies that got the better of her today …. 🙂 guess it beats the red bull and cheese I keep in the fridge ….lol

I guess I have a couple of days of some proper…

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The Child Protective Services Industry in child trafficking, kidnapping, and adoption scam in the US and UK


There have been many testimonies before congress like my wife and myself. the fact that nothing has been done to protect our children so far from this pediphile criminal ring doing business as CPS shows me that congress is willing to continue to take the money from the sale of children knowing their lives are destroyed. We have to take steps to destroy CPS from the inside our selves. We are working on steps to undermine CPS as we speak. We will give a detailed plan out here in the next few weeks for parents to teach at home or to tell you children when you see them. The way to start now is every single day you see your child tell them you love them no matter what, they can come home to you and everything CPS tells them is a lie. Make sure they have a phone number…

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