Divorcing with kids? 5 Essentials to protect your children during your Divorce.

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Research continues to show that children who experience ongoing conflict between their parents after divorce are at significant risk of poorer adult outcomes in later life.  These children have low self esteem, are withdrawn, cannot manage emotion, demonstrate their distress through poor behaviour and have difficulty maintaining friendships and relationships throughout life.

We know that their parents cannot see the wood for the trees.  They argue about every little thing from whether Amy will do swimming or ballet (“she can do both but I am not taking her!”) to which Doctor David might see for his stubbed toe.  Conflict is hard for anyone to live with and more so for children.  Consider these 5 tips to ensure your children do not suffer because of your divorce-

  1. Don’t involve children in adult issues  Children do not need to know and, in most cases, cannot understand the varied issues that will…

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Home or Care? New Study Set to Examine Which Is Best For Maltreated Children

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A new study by the University of York has just begun, to look at outcomes for maltreated children by examining whether such children are better served in care or at home. It’s a very important study, as much research already shows that children in care suffer worse outcomes than those who stay at home. It is also the first of its kind – the researchers are going to try to collect more complex data so that they can fine-tune the current view.

The focus will be on children with similar backgrounds and histories, the only difference being some children will have been supported at home, while others will have been taken into care.

The most poignant issue to be addressed is whether children in care fare worse because of the abuse they experienced prior to being placed in the care system, or whether the care system is responsible. We imagine…

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