#PAS Missing in Alienation!


Missing the Alienation

By Linda Kase-Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-r 

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Linda Kase-Gottlieb 

Why do mental health professionals and attorneys who evaluate or work with alienated children frequently mistake alienation for estrangement?

The main reason is that cases of parental alienation are counterintuitive. That is, the brain is hardwired to misinterpret and misunderstand the family dynamics in these situations. That leads to a number of common cognitive errors (thinking errors) that, in turn, lead to serious errors in professional reasoning and decision-making. In other words, the brain is tricked by alienation cases just as it is tricked by an optical illusion. Consequently, many professionals, including mental health professionals and attorneys, get these cases backwards. Often, the targeted parent is unfairly criticized for having allegedly contributed to his or her rejection, and the alienating parent is either absolved or believed to have made only a minor contribution. Thus, unless the professional has an in-depth understanding of alienation and estrangement, cases of severe alienation are frequently mistaken for estrangement.

This phenomenon has been described in some detail by Steven Miller, M.D., a physician who studies clinical reasoning and clinical decision-making. For an excellent summary, readers might wish to refer to a chapter that Dr. Miller wrote entitled, “Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making in Cases of Child Alignment: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Issues,” in the book, Working with Alienated Children and Families, edited by Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D. and Richard Sauber, Ph.D.  Dr. Miller examines the complexity of alienation cases, explains why such cases are so counterintuitive, even to professionals, and describes how even the most experienced mental health practitioner can succumb to a variety of cognitive and clinical errors. Read More


On 04/23/14 11:06 AM, Evelyn Cayzer wrote:
I will certainly be celebrating April 25 with all the fathers who have been alienated from their children!

I would like to share this day with all the dads who have also been Falsely Accused of Child Molestation by their ex-partners who are inflicted with Malicious Mothers Syndrome!

Only a very disturbed woman who has no integrity, or a meaningful life by sharing and serving others, would entertain the need to alienate children from their fathers!sad children photo: 各种各样的感觉All Kinds of Feelings(Part of set of 6) - Book code: 70202 - £30 allkindsoffeelings.gif

I honor all fathers who have fraught for their children, and pray for the strength and self belief of all fathers who have been alienated from their children, to TAKE a stand…. MAKE the commitment… AND enjoy a WOW experience!

Don’t give up on your precious children, they only have ONE dad… And that is YOU!



Parental Alienation is not always OVERT. It can also be very SUBTLE. Disapproving body language. Eye contact. Silence. Child abuse silently going on right under the noses of the blissfully unaware. Spread to raise awareness!!!

Painted On A Dark Knight

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

Holy smoke! As Robin might say.

A really great street mural by JPS in York Street, Weston-super-Mare.JPS BatmanThe urban street artist who goes by the moniker JPS said: “Those who remain ignorant and silent on the problems in the world will scream the loudest when the Apocalypse arrives.”On his return to the U.K he wasted no time in dropping a street piece in his  hometown; this one was inspired by the dark knight. He said “I like my work to have a point so I often use punchlines.”

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“GASLIGHTING” on the soap opera “The Young and The Restless” today. Kudos to the writers and producers of the show!!!


OK, so I don’t expect everyone to be watching the soaps like I was. But I was so surprised by what was said today that I had to share.
I was watching the soap opera #theyoungandtherestless today and Nick told Sharon that his dad, Victor, had been “gaslighting” her by doing things to try and make her think that she was “crazy” when she was not.
Thank you to the writers and producers of #theyoungandtherestless for “getting it” and acknowledging it. I was so surprised to hear Nick use that term. I hope more and more people come to understand abuse and “gaslighting” and become involved in the prevention of all abuse. #parentalalienation#childabuse#domesticviolence#familycourtreform.

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