Report on Impact of Public Law Outline Fails To Examine Impact on Families – And Justice


Researching Reform

Yawn, yawn, and yawn, yet another 100 page document about professionals extolling the virtues of the new guidelines surrounding public family law cases and making snide underhand comments about the others’ sector….

So let’s cut to the chase and set down the key, stay awake now, findings:

  • Social workers need more training
  • The courts need to be better organised
  • Delays are still a part of the system
  • Parents aren’t being properly advised (the term the report uses is “focused legal guidance” –  that just means there are still too many lawyers out there dishing out incorrect legal advice).
  • Strict time limits are actually making a mess of things (the report tries to sugar coat this, but the data makes it clear – more haste, less speed).
  • The system lacks logical follow through (case management mayhem is still a problem)

And of course, not one person who had actually used the…

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Daily update for my Boys 22 April 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira




Hello Little Men!

How are you both doing today ? I hope great …..

I have had a bit of a busy day , had some personal appointments early , then a visit to the bank to do some swift payments and the rest of the day sorting hotels and flights again , the Emirates IPad app is still driving me crazy , so ended up asking Mrs J to sort the flights.

I must say today has been like Summer here again , so was really nice outside , sitting here on the sofa with all the doors open still in shorts and a T shirt , maybe winter has decided to move on as the weekend at the dam was also great weather….

I need to get on top of the Facebook pages house keeping tonight as I have fallen a little behind with being away over the…

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Tri Fatherhood


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I drew a line in the dirt with my foot. Dug my toe in. Then swept across it again with other foot – brushing the earth even. Standing on 2nd base I watched you and the other kids take your turns at the plate. And as you ran from 1st to 2nd each time I waved my arms so you could see me there as I pointed at the base.

“Stop right here.” I said. “Give me five! You hit the ball hard and ran really fast!”

The tiny hands of a dozen 5 year olds took turns giving me five as the game took it’s course.

“Now listen, do you know where to run when the ball is hit?”

Each child pointed at 3rd.

“That’s right! Get ready, watch the batter, when the ball is hit, run. I’ll tell you when.”

I patted each kid on…

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Family Justice : Is it A Lib-Dem Thing?

Get In Touch


Tweet Justice Minister @SimonHughesMP to tell him of your views. The separation of children from fathers in secret courts continues with latest government ‘reforms’. He should be ashamed. You can also contact him here:


Call Clegg                                                                                   @LBC



Occupy @LBC973 & #BoycottFamilyLaw : WORLDWIDE!

Contact John Hemming MP

John Hemming MP bravely exposes the corruption in the secret family court system (and court of protection) he is the only MP to stand up to this and calls for the removal of some judges who seem to be in some kind of collusion with what is going on. He talks about bribery, and government targets and rewards for adoption which is fuelling the removal of children from their parents.