Parental Alienation IS Domestic Violence!!!!! Control. Isolation. Emotional Abuse. And more.

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Great article which illustrates how parental alienation IS domestic violence and emotional abuse. Please share to continue to educate the public and more importantly Judges, Lawyers and other “professionals” related to family court and/or the child (Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers and more). Two articles – part one and two.–criteria-for-psychological-abuse-90d75d66   (Part One)–criteria-for-psychological-abuse-part-2-terrorizi868e9717c7   (Part Two)

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The Children and Families Act 2014….You have to admire just how tightly the Government has managed to stitch fathers up.

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On Tuesday 22nd April The Children and Families Act which was supposed to give children more rights to see their fathers will be implemented. You have to admire just how tightly the Government has managed to stitch fathers up.

In 2010 Mr Cameron promised a presumption of contact for fathers with their children after family breakdown but the Government has failed to keep that promise in The Children and Families Act 2014 which is being implemented on 22 April 2014.

In April 2010 we met then Shadow Justice Minister Henry Bellingham MP on Witney Green, Oxfordshire and have now released the video below .He clearly states that the Conservatives want to give fathers a presumption on contact and to open up the secret Family Court System.

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The term ‘contact’ is to be replaced by the term ‘involvement’. This is following Butler-Sloss’s amendment, and she has provided the definition of ‘involvement’…

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We Owe It To The Kids

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Sometimes we get so involved in the drama and trauma of our lives with the narcissist we forget about how it is affecting the kids. We may think they aren’t listening or aren’t damaged by what is going on because kids have amazing resilience and ability to hide their feelings. When there is tension in the house they may act out, school grades may drop, or they may withdraw and become very quiet. We assume that ; if we don’t see a change in their behaviour or personality, that they are unaffected. But there are kids who have learned how to adapt just like you, where the bizarre and unacceptable has become the norm, or maybe its all they know so to them it is normal.

The older ones may be able to discuss dad’s moods with amazing insight and even humor, so you assume they are coping well. But…

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Statute for Attorney’s Fees in Child Custody Disputes Inapplicable to Termination of Parental Rights Cases: In re Nathaniel C.T.

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Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts : In June 2008, the Children entered into the temporary custody of their aunt by agreed order. In December 2008, Petitioners filed a petition to terminate the parental rights of Parents to the Children.

Ultimately, the parties entered mediation and reached an agreement in 2011. In the end, the Children remained with Parents.

Relying on Tennessee Code Annotated § 36-5-103(c), Parents filed a motion for attorney’s fees.

The trial court found this was not a child custody case that would enable the trial court to award attorney fees under Tennessee Code Annotated § 36-5-103(c). The trial court denied the request for attorney’s fees.

Parents appealed.

On Appeal: The Court affirmed the trial court.

A prevailing litigant has no right at common law to the payment of its legal fees or costs. The common law rule can be modified by contract, but in the absence of such, the authority…

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Grayling on the JR Attack, Sacked Christian Nursery Worker and Al-Sweady Inquiry – the Human Rights Roundup (BUMPER EDITION)

UK Human Rights Blog

Grayling HRRWelcome back to the UK Human Rights Roundup, your regular Easter egg hunt of human rights news and views. The full list of links can be found here . You can find previous roundups here . Links compiled by Adam Wagner, post by Celia Rooney.

Chris Grayling is on the offensive again over Judicial Review, the Home Secretary has faced a defeat over her decision to maintain a freeze on the money given to destitute asylum seekers, while in other news, the Strasbourg court rejects a challenge to a UK ban on secondary industrial action and the long-running Al-Sweady Inquiry has concluded hearing oral evidence.

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