Davey’ Coming to Europe from both Directions!

On the one hand my long term associate NICK SPITALAS  is running for MEP 

Independent, unintegrated, nonpartisan For Youth

Greek Flag photo: greek hard thMYPROUDGREEKHEART1.gif

Candidate: Nikos Spitalas 
Phone:  69 06 27 54 19  E-mail:  spitalas@gmail.com
www.drachmi5.gr                            www.sos-sygapa.eu
The GREEK SOCIAL MOVEMENT defending the rights of children of  divorce
and cooperate with other movements in evropsifodeltio entitled  Drachma
Nick Spitalas, Professor of Higher Education, 
is the founder of the movement and the club SYGAPA. 
Born in Alexandroupolis from refugee family, holds degrees: 
Architecture, Planning, Information Technology, Master of Development &
Economy, PhD Urban Geography. 
He has 100 publications and strives for Human Rights & Children
 parents. The International Academic work was presented in 1000 and forms
 electronic means, in two encyclopedias and journals.
Vote on May 25
Nick will continue to receive my respect and, utmost support in all his
endeavors and I am proud to be ADMIN on some of his campaigns; Daveyone

Hard-hit EU countries resort to selling passports to HNWs
Union Jack photo: Union Jack UnionJack.jpg
Whilst I, on the other hand, will be supporting Nigel Farage in working to exit the EU as we know it, which in reality has become German Supremacy by stealth with the Central Bank planted centrally in Frankfurt, whilst the admin of Europe is conducted in Brussels by a load of unelected bureaucrats riding the waves of a gravy train to which we all subscribe when these hemorrhaging funds could be better spent on our own domestic services such as the NHS. This certainly does not resemble any form of democracy my late father fought to defend from the tail of a Lancaster Bomber 70 years ago!


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