#PAS or Parental Alienation is Child Abuse!

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#PAS or Parental Alienation is Child Abuse and the theft of a Childhood, How do you rekindle a relationship with your Son or Daughter if you do not see them from age 5 till they are adult and why does Family Court and so called Child Protection Services allow this to happen? Davey

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 700 Years on we should not have to Battle for this!

25th April Stop this ABUSE!

STOP the stolen Childhoods NOW! 


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Daily update for my Boys 14 April 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira







Hello Little Men..

As we are at the start of yet one more week of no contact Champs I hope you both are safe and well…

Been a bit of a funny day here , I only woke up at 8 am , seems I needed a good nights rest …been on the phone with work calls most of the morning ..been out to the shops and a not so fun outing to the post office to pick up a parcel from the USA …hardly had time to keep an eye on the Oscar trial today …just watching the day summary on the live TV channel here …

I have found it very interesting what the psychologists are saying about trauma and abuse and how you are able to remember each detail of the event …funny how then your paid surrogate has a different story on each and every statement…

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Backlog, backlash and beyond: debating the long term future of human rights protection in Europe – Alice Donald

UK Human Rights Blog

Strasbourg_ECHR-300x297 Around 150 delegates, including representatives of all 47 Council of Europe states and two judges of the European Court of Human Rights, met in Oslo last week. Their mission? To reflect on the protracted process of reforming the European Convention system and imagine what it might look like in 2030.

Non-government organisations and academics (myself included) joined the insiders to engage in ‘blue-skies’ thinking, despite the dense fog that enveloped the hilltop venue.

The end of the beginning

The Strasbourg Court as we know it came into being in 1998 with the entry into force of Protocol 11 to the Convention. Subsequent reform was driven by two closely-linked imperatives: first, to reduce the backlog both of applications and non-executed judgments and secondly, to reinforce the subsidiary role of the Court vis-à-vis national authorities.

As regards the former, notable developments include the steps taken since 2010 under Protocol 14 to increase…

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Random Thoughts



So most days I have non-stop thoughts and worries about things that have happened during the past 20 months or more. Usually random and often triggered by something or other. I want it all documented. I want others to be informed and I also want my daughter to see it someday when she is old enough. She is entitled to know the truth of what has happened to us. But, most times, I just can’t sit down and write out long blog posts. I am too drained, too sad and too depleted with all that has happened. So, I have decided that I will start doing short random blog posts for those thoughts and worries. They may be random and / or off topic at times but I feel better once they are out there. I want everyone to know what my ex-husband, his new wife, this Judge and my former adoptive parents have…

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Question It!

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Researching Reform

Welcome to another week of family news and politics.

Our question for you this week revolves around the notion of a bullet proof marriage. A recent wedding expo in South Africa hosted a stand for a book which promises to make your marriage just that. Setting aside the religious undertones and the distinct antipathy towards divorce in the article, we thought the book’s central message was interesting. Essentially, the book argues that marriages are really just about learning to problem solve, and that this is the key to a successful, and lasting, marriage.

Among some of the tips the book offers, is the idea that the real enemy inside a marriage is not your partner, but the problem you are facing together. The book also suggests identifying the root cause of the conflict to allow for a better understanding of one another, honing communication skills and developing the right attitude towards…

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