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New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

Powerful stuff from WILD Street Productions

Fathers 4 Justice-My.Town.TV from WILD Street Productions on Vimeo.

Wild Street Productions was set up by friends Ashley Campbell and John Pickard in late 2012.

From the No.18 bus home after school to a friendship that has stood the test of time. Our plan is simple: We want to create and work with like-minded individuals who are still passionate about performance and telling stories from the heart.

We’re still big fans of reality and cooking shows, honest, but there are loads of those anyway!

Ash came to me with an idea and we’ve set out on another journey together…

We pride ourselves on fits of giggles and making each other laugh when we’re working, developing ideas and concepts. We have the Dictaphone tapes to prove it!

With over 40 years collectively as Actors toeing the line and waiting for the phone to ring…

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Don’t be ashamed to feel angry


Anger is a natural and valid emotion. We become angry when our sensations are assaulted.

Most of us don’t address our anger as it arises and instead allow anger to sit and fester. When we do this, our anger grows and overpowers all of the other sensations we experience, including feelings of happiness and joy.

Over time, this build-up of anger makes us seem like angry people to the outside world. If we’re confronted about our built-up anger, our immediate response is to say, “No way! I’m not angry!”

And that statement may be true in the moment. You may not recognize that you are holding inside unresolved, unaddressed anger. Being told by someone that they think you’re angry makes you more angry. It’s such an unfortunate cycle.

Why do we hold in our anger? Why do we try to hide it and not address it?

The simple answer is…

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Australian MP George Christensen speaks out about family law/child support system reform

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

* 9/10 child custodies are rewarded to the mother by the family court
* Mothers move away so fathers can’t see their children which is acceptable by the family court
* A father had to move away from his child in order to pay child support

“Is this equality?”

Judge for yourself!

On March 3rd, Australian MP George Christensen delivered an impassioned speech to Parliament regarding the state of the Family Law and Child Support systems and the effect they have on relationships between fathers and their children.

In his speech he cited earlier policies instated by the former Gillard government that need reform or repeal. He also cited an article in which a retiring justice reported that false allegations of abuse were commonly used by mothers to gain control of a custody dispute.

Chrestensen has a history of strong support for Men and Father’s Rights issues and has caught…

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Single Family Court – Excellent Resources

Researching Reform

The Single Family Court should officially open its ‘doors’ on or around 22nd April this year, so it’s good to know exactly what that entails. There are some excellent resources available for anyone who would like to know more, so we’ve listed them below.

We will of course keep you up to date with anything else that we think is relevant to the reforms, but these are the places and spaces we recommend:


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Cinderella Law – Researching Reform Awaits Response From Action For Children

Researching Reform

Action for Children’s Cinderella Law aims to update existing criminal legislation around child abuse by including a definition of risk of significant harm (like the one the family courts currently use), and making it a criminal offence to physically and emotionally abuse a child (carrying a maximum sentence of up to 10 years).

The proposals have incited a wide variety of reactions, not all of which have been favourable. The proposed law has also caused a great deal of confusion, partly due to the way Cinderella Law has been communicated in the media and also as a result of Action for Children’s own promotional material, which is unclear.

We wanted to clarify the length and breadth of this draft legislation and find out exactly what it entailed, so last week we wrote to the policy team at Action for Children’s headquarters to find out more. This is our email…

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