BBC Radio1 DJ Emperor Rosko Backs Children Screaming To Be Heard

Researching Reform

Maggie Tuttle, founder of CSTBH has just told us that Michael Pasternak, former Radio 1 DJ and son of Hollywood film producer Joe Pasternak has, in a show of solidarity, added the CSTBH website to his own web page.

Rosko, as he is known, will also be playing the charity’s song, Calling You Calling Me, written and recorded for the children by Michael Unsworth on air. You can buy the song here if you would like to. All money raised from the proceeds will go to towards the running of safe houses in the UK. 

Children Screaming to Be Heard is dedicated to providing warm, welcoming safe houses to children who have run away from home or state care.

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“When Are You Going to Resign, #Maria Miller?” @LBC


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Perhaps it is time to take JUSTICE into our own hand!

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