Are Children and Young People the Best Agents of Change?

Chief Executive at Childreach InternationalFiroz Patel

Are Children and Young People the Best Agents of Change?

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Celebrating the energy and courage of children in urban India

to join hands with others and collaborate to end child labour. We have partnered with our local

partner Shaishav to reduce child labour and get more children back in school, whilst creating a

platform to empower them to be protagonists for their own rights, lobby the government and m…

Firoz Patel has worked in the private, public and the third sectors including working for Local Authorities, Department of Employment, London Underground, Housing Associations and Charities. 
He is the founder and CEO of Childreach International, a UK Registered charity. Childreach International was established in 2004, by group of young individuals passionate about supporting communities to develop themselves. Transforming from an entirely voluntary organisation in 2004, with one project and an income of £10,000, to the dynamic organisation today, with country offices in UK, Tanzania, Nepal and India, fundraising and advocacy offices in USA and Canada with additional projects in Bangladesh and Cambodia. Over the last 5 years Childreach International has raised over £12 million and supports more than 40 projects in 3 core areas of health, education, and child rights and protection. 
Firoz is also a parent governor of his local school and as a qualified ECB coach is also involved with a local cricket team for young people in east London. When not working, he likes to read, play Cricket and Golf but primarily spend time with his wife and two daughters at home in London.


Dear Izzy



Dear Izzy

Hi. My name is Karen. You don’t know me. But, I know your mom. And through your mom, I feel like I know you. It probably seems weird reading a letter from a stranger but we actually have a lot in common. I also have a teen-age daughter, KJ. She just turned 13 and she is my only daughter. From what your mom says, you might have a lot in common with her. She loves animals, technology and computers.

It is hard to explain the love between a mom and daughter sometimes. Especially a mom and a teen-age daughter. Sometimes it seems difficult, hurtful and annoying and sometimes it seems loving, fun and wonderful. But, I can promise you, no matter what has happened or what is going on, no one loves you more than your mom. No one ever could or ever will. It is just how mother nature works. Even in the wild…

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Stay At Home Dads on The Increase: DadsHouse Speaks to the BBC

Founder of DadsHouse, Billy McGranaghan. We are not sure if he likes Jaffa cakes.

Researching Reform

We wanted to share this interesting BBC Radio interview with Billy McGranaghan, Founder of leading Father’s Charity DadsHouse. John Humphrys spoke with Billy and Zoe Williams, a Guardian journalist.

Billy does a fantastic job of highlighting the difficulties stay at home fathers face both culturally and socially. He also touches on the need to help fathers get involved with parenting networks so they can have the support they’re looking for.

Our only gripe with the interview was the jaded perspective offered by Ms Williams. She seemed to be under the impression that mothers did not have time for networks and that they were too busy either tearing their hair out or being horribly bored by the whole baby experience. To say we found her views on parenting nauseating is an understatement. She certainly doesn’t come across as a bona fide mother, or even a vaguely engaged one.

As a mother…

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