Daily update for my Boys 4 April 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira




Good Afternoon Little Men…

I hope you two Muppets are having a great Friday , making lots of plans for the weekend , looks like you are going to have a good weather one …

I just had a call from a very old friend I have not seen in Donkeys years …we met at University ….lots of stories to tell you both about our antics but don’t think you are old enough just yet …. We are going to try and meet up tomorrow , really looking forward to it , Gerhard was like my brother until I left South Africa , we did most things together so am sure we are going to have loads of catching up to do ….. Not sure I might not have a headache the next day , lol ….

Ouma told me today she has been making you both an Easter album…

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Family Justice : The Reformers!


In the week when it was announced that the erroneous CAFCASS is to become part of the  Ministry of Justice, I felt it timely to challenge the Government to assemble a think tank of worthy contributors to reform this corrupt and destructive department!

( Has anyone ever heard The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP and Justice Minister mention Family Law?)

I suggest the following  could reform Family Law!

                John Hemming MP                         


MP for Birmingham (Yardley), Entrepreneur and investor,

Jazz pianist, campaigner against injustice.

Birmingham · johnhemming.blogspot.com

Possibly the most out spoken MP on Family Law!

Guy A

camilla cavendish


Associate Editor and columnist at The Sunday Times;

award-winning campaigning journalist;

Board member of Care Quality Commission

                                                                                                                              Paul Foot Campaign award 2008

Bob Geldof                                         


Musician, singer-songwriter, activist,

philanthropist & all-round pretentious twat –

this account is both explicit & fake

Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

Erin Pizzey


London · erinpizzey.com

On paper she should be a feminist,

but in fact takes a pragmatic view on Fathers

Sir Bob Geldof produced this excellent  program about 10 years ago…

…sadly very little has changed in Family Law since then!

Bill Maloney

@pienmashfilmsGuy B

Maverick, Outspoken, Fearless, Filmmaker,

Abuse Survivor and THORN in the side of

the Establishment.

London UK · pienmashfilms.com

Both Gloria Hunniford  and Esther Rantzen

advocate Grandparents

Rights following separation or divorce (Send your stories to theoneshow@bbc.co.uk) BUT Write to the Princess Royal as Patron of  Save The Children to ask  what are the true Royal Family…#GRANDPARENTS4JUSTICE @ERANTZEN


Shaun Bailey


| Politcally active Listening to young people

| Views are my own | 

London, UK · shaunbailey.co.uk

All we ask is for Fathers to have equal parenting rights in the eyes of the Family Court and enable them to be parents to their own children!