Parental Alienation is Torture!

Happy Birthday Ed, my eldest son is 18 today half of his life has been alienated from me!

How are you supposed to fix a missed childhood?


Reasonable Purpose for Parental Relocation Affirmed in Nashville Post-Divorce Dispute: Rudd v. Gonzalez

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts : The parties are the parents of one child. Both parents are licensed physicians. Mother is a board-certified otolaryngologist. She did clinical fellowship training in microvascular reconstruction and head and neck oncology, a sophisticated surgical subspecialty of otolaryngology.

During the marriage, Mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the symptoms of which forced her to cease practicing medicine. Over the years, Mother tried a variety of measures to alleviate her symptoms. Eventually, dietary changes greatly improve them. After her symptoms abated, she began aggressively seeking out opportunities to continue practicing medicine.

The parents divorced after 17 years of marriage. The parenting plan designated Mother as Primary residential parent and allocated Father 120 days of parenting time.

A little over a year after the divorce, Mother notified Father of her intent to relocate with Child to Illinois. Mother planned to retrain in her subspecialty so she could return to practicing medicine…

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Batten VEDA – Fill Your Boots…

Researching Reform

This year we’re taking our VEDA over to our sister site Chameleon, so if you’d like to follow our video logs for the month of April this year you’re very welcome to scoot on over to the site and view them there. To try to make things as smooth and easy as possible, we’ve added a Batten VEDA 2014 page on this site so you can click on the page above and just hop on over to the VEDA store.

Happy giggling!

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