Children Screaming To Be Heard – Message To The Prime Minister

Researching Reform

Maggie Tuttle at Children Screaming to be Heard has asked us to post a message they’ve prepared for David Cameron, which reflects on the current state of social work in Britain today. It is balanced, filled with news items to jog our memories on the constant difficulties social work has faced and continues to face and questions social policy in the twenty-first century. It runs to around 26 minutes, but worth a listen if you have the time.

You can access the video below.

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Researching Reform on FGM and Male Circumcision: Ban Them Both

Researching Reform

It’s a privilege to be able to write for others but we’re especially fond of our monthly column for Child Quest International, an organisation which locates and reunites missing children with their families. This month we talk about Female Genital Mutilation and male circumcision and why we feel, given all the evidence, there is nothing to distinguish the two so that one can reasonably be viewed as a violent act and the other a health benefit. Not in this day and age.

You can catch the article here, and check out Child Quest’s amazing work, too.

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Regulating Health & Social Care Professionals: Consultation and Draft Bill

Researching Reform

The Law Commission have today published the findings of a consultation they carried out, which reviewed the UK law relating to the regulation of health care professionals and in England only, regulation of social workers.

More specifically, the consultation looked at the registration process, how standards inside these professions are set, investigations into fitness to practice, government involvement and accountability of regulators inside the sector.

The consultation also details a draft Bill, which creates a single legal framework for all the regulators of social and health care professionals. This Bill was announced today, too. If the Bill is approved in the future, it will replace all other legislation which encompasses regulation in this context. the Bill is designed to simplify the existing law and allow government and regulating bodies more power to oversee standards of practice, amongst other things.

The summary explains the Law Commissions’ recommendations and what the Bill…

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