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            Family law is filled with ups and downs, twists and turns and horror stories about parents being treated unfairly in the court room. There are also great success stories about families being kept together and bonds being strengthened despite the odds they perceive to be against them in the court room. Life is not something that sits still, it’s always moving. What’s important is to know how and when to move with things. Family law is no different. Here is some friendly non-legal advice for parents thinking about their future or parents that feel like they’re in the middle of a storm with no lantern to see the way through.

If you’re in a relationship that’s no longer working, perhaps it didn’t really work out to begin with but you stuck around because of the child and the small life you guys shared…

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Fathers in protest over ‘unfair’ laws

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

A GROUP of dads has led a series of protests around Oldham town centre to highlight “unfair” family laws and the legal costs of gaining access to their own children.

Chris Thompson led a protest which began outside the Evening Chronicle building in Union Street and moved to solicitors’ offices in Queen Street, then Oldham Magistrates Court, Oldham Civic Centre and the county court in Rochdale Road.

Oldham Fathers For JusticeDads protes Oldham Magistrates

Men representing a range of family-law protest groups said current English law is biased towards mothers in access disputes.

Mr Thompson, who lives in Manchester and has family links to Oldham, is involved in a dispute with his former partner, the county court and local council over access to his children and the process under which family-law decisions have been made.

Speaking of yesterday’s protest, he said: “The current system makes men beg in court for access to their children, and leaves them…

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Collaborative Divorce

Make Abbotsford Aware

Collaborative Abbotsford Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Helps Children

I saw an amazing parenting order at the Abbotsford Provincial Courthouse this week. Every Tuesday is remand day, when they bring in all the separated parents, usually just a half dozen or a dozen dads to be attacked by the Court – to be quickly and cheaply processed. Mom’s don’t need to show up for child support enforcement. Even if a parent sues the Director of British Columbia’s Family Maintenance Enforcement Agency or the Canadian government, as in a Charter Challenge, and these big players lose their case, they can never be charged costs in provincial court. Usually, parents who try to sue Canada are told they are in the wrong court. Last summer, the Honourable Mr. Justice Pearlman said he has some sympathy for parents getting shunted between the provincial and supreme courts and never getting a hearing.

But this Tuesday a mom and dad came…

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BEWARE the man who claims he’s ALL U need

From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

Alice in PAS 0Isolation from loved ones & distrust of family is not just what cult leaders & dictators use, but an abusive parent. A mom should not make u feel guilty for seeing ur dad, either. Both parents should encourage & support your relationship with YOUR family — it’s their adult responsibility. If this is ur situation or a friend’s, look for help & information about Parental Alienation.

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Daily update for my Boys 1 April 2014

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira





Good Afternoon Little Men…

How are my Champs doing today ? I hope fantastic and oki doki ….

I have had a bit of long day … I had to go pay some legal fees today but of course it is month end so took up most of my day …not the best idea to go and sort this today but it had to be done today …. Least I can now tick that off my ever growing to do list …lol

I hope you two have seen my photo of my Wimpy banana milkshake today …that was my reward for standing in the bank for such a long time …as I said really hope I get to buy you both one , one day as I think you muppets will love them just as much as I do ….reminds me of being a little man like what you both…

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Bone marrow disorder appeal fails

UK Human Rights Blog

298x232-dna_genetic_test-298x232_dna_genetic_testMeiklejohn v St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and Another [2014] EWCA Civ 120 – read judgment

Richard Booth QC of 1 Crown Office Row represented the appellant in this case. He has nothing to do with the writing of this post.

This was an appeal against the finding by HHJ Robinson, sitting as a High Court Judge, that there was no duty of care owed to the appellant in respect of his rare genetic disorder ([2013] EWHC 469 (QB), [2013] Med. L.R. 191). See my previous post for the factual and medical background of the claim. Briefly, the appellant suffered from a rare genetic version of the platelet insufficiency disorder, aplastic anemia (AA), the disorder in question being known as Dyskeratosis Congenita (“DC”).

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