25th APRIL 2014 : Parental Alienation Awareness Month!

 Mother facing a Dubai jail and separation from her son!


 -last updated Tue 4 Feb 2014 World Dubai

A London mother is facing jail in Dubai after being accused of abducting her own child. Afsana Lachaux’s ex-husband has accused her of kidnapping their son in a bitter custody battle.

Now her family in London are urging the UK Government to intervene to protect her from being jailed.

Credit: Family photo

It is now four months since three-year-old Louis Lachaux whose face can’t be shown for legal reasons last saw his mother.

Afsana Lachaux went into hiding, but it’s alleged the toddler was later snatched by his father from a shopping centre in Dubai.

The photograph below was taken when Rabbhi Yahiya, Afsana’s older son, visited his mother and younger brother.

Credit: Family photo

After the break-up Afsana, who is from east London was awarded custody but claims her husband hid her son’s passport so she couldn’t leave the country.

It was after she failed to take Louis to an access meeting with his father that she was charged with abduction. She is now facing three years in prison and deportation back to the UK without her son.

Credit: Family photo

After the Foreign Office told them it could not interfere in the judicial proceedings of another country the family turned to their local MP.

Under Shaira Law, Asfana has been told she must produce three witnesses to support her defence of domestic abuse. He denies the accusations.

Ironically she is a muslim, her husband is not . Her family believe the reason she is being judged so harshly is because she is a woman.


One thought on “25th APRIL 2014 : Parental Alienation Awareness Month!

  1. I’m a dad and find my self in the same situation! My daughters mum try to remove me from our daughters life. One thing I can tell to all persons in the same situation as I’m(regardless man or women): The parent which try to alienate your child from you, whenever she/he is looking at your child will always see a part of you in that child! And they will never be able to change or erase that! So head up!!!


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