Gay Marriage Legal, Therefore Why Not Legalise Fatherhood?


I have long since realised that single mothers are a vote winner for most Governments it must be the same for same sex partnerships so is that pushing Fathers even further down the moral scale of evolution? 

All we ask is equal opportunity of parenthood in the eyes of Family Court!


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London Fire Brigade issue advice for residents in flats or maisonettes!


High rise fire risk

Hundreds of thousands of people living in high-rise buildings are at risk because they do not have a fire escape plan, research suggests. Photo: London Fire Brigade

London Fire Brigade have issued fire safety advice to people living in high-rise buildings after research found 60% of residents do not have a fire safety plan.
Fire engine photo: Fire Engine Fire-Engine-Animation.gif
The advice includes:

What to do if there is a fire in your flat or maisonette

  • Residents should use their fire escape plans in the event of a fire
  • If there is a fire in your flat or maisonette, warn other people living at the address and leave immediately, shutting the door behind you
  • If there is a lot of smoke crawl along the floor where the air will be clearer and always use the stairs rather than lifts to leave the building
  • If you see smoke or fire or are worried about a situation call 999 but this should only be used in an emergency

How do I make an escape plan

  • An escape route should be the normal way you go in and out of your home
  • The plan should be practiced regularly and children should get involved
  • Keep your keys in a known place
  • Make sure exits are kept clear

What to do if there is a fire in your block of flats

  • The London Fire Brigade say you should stay in your own flat or maisonette unless heat or smoke is affecting you
  • You should ring 999 and tell London Fire Brigade where you are and the best way to reach you

For more information visit London Fire Brigade’s website

2nd Part from the Court little men…



Davey says an ironic name for the judge!

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira

In the High Court of Justice Family Division ​​Case Number: LA13P00159
Lancaster District Registry ​​​​

Between :-

Whilhelm Philippus Ferreira​

Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira
First Respondent

Oscar Alexander Ferreira and Oliver James Ferreira
(Children through their r16.4 Guardian Peter Morey)

Second Respondents

Index to Core Bundle for Hearing on 2nd April 2014

Section A – Preliminary Documents

Case Summary

Section B – Applications and Orders

C100 issued by Father for shared residence and/or contact

1 – 10
Residence Order made by District Judge Bland
11 -12
Order of District Judge Bland
13 -14
Order of District Judge Bland
Order of District Judge Bland
16 -18
Order of Her Honour Judge Singleton QC
19 – 23
Undertaking given by Father
23a – 23c

Pages removed
24 – 44
Order of Her Honour Judge Singleton QC
45 –…

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