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LBC 97.3 along with many other mainstream media organisations seem to be preoccupied with trivia or happy to kiss up to our failing Politicians, including inviting Deputy PM Nick Clegg to talk on the show each Thursday. I only wish they would tackle to issues that have such a wide ranging effect on society; for me it has to be Family Law and child Welfare Reform….how about YOU?


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Ghosts into Ancestors

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For a majority of my life, I have allowed so many people to take up space in my head.  I have allowed so many toxic people and relationships to be my life’s navigation system.  I am prepared to stop this.  I do not have the energy it takes to keep those things fueled.  Having these things lead on would be a conscious choice that I am just not willing to make any longer.  We all have people and relationships in our lives that come and go.  It’s sometimes the most important relationships in our lives that become the most venomous. These relationships could be with any number of people.
When I think of relationships, I think of safety, trust, hope, and love.  Those are the places where people thrive. Something happens, however, when just one of those things is violated.  As bad as it is when violations occur, I believe…

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Supreme Court: Strasbourg’s mixed messages about Article 10 and any right to receive information

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Kennedy v. Charity Commission et al, Supreme Court, 26 March 2014 read judgment

In judgments running to 90 pages, the Supreme Court dismissed this appeal by Mr Kennedy, a Times journalist, for access to documents generated by the Charity Commission under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 concerning three inquiries  between 2003 and 2005 into the Mariam Appeal. This appeal was George Galloway’s response to the sanctions imposed on Iraq following the first Gulf War, and little Mariam was a leukaemia sufferer. Mr Kennedy’s suspicion, amongst others, was that charitable funds had been used by Galloway for political campaigning.

The Charity Commission had refused the request on the ground that the information was subject to an absolute exemption from disclosure contained in s.32(2) of the FOIA. The Supreme Court (in common with the Court of Appeal) held that the absolute exemption applied and dismissed Mr Kennedy’s request. But the result was…

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