Post-Divorce Tax Intimacy Can Be Riskier Than Post-Divorce Sex


Herston on Tennessee Family Law

With tax season upon us, I thought this recent article by Peter Reilly on might be of interest to readers of this blog.

Post-Divorce Tax Intimacy Can Be Riskier Than Post-Divorce Sex

Post-divorce intimacy between exes seems to be something of a controversial topic among therapists and the like. In Psychology Today, Pamela Cytrynbaum wrote about the various forms that post-marital sex can take, finishing with the caution:

No matter how, why, when and where you’re doing it with your ex, my advice: Keep your eyes wide open.

Post-divorce sex between exes has an interesting titillating aura about it, but there is a bit of financial intimacy that is more or less taken for granted.That would be a joint tax return for the final year of the marriage. It might even be arranged, even prepared, by the half of the couple that had always tended to it. I would…

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How Long Will It Take To Get Your Child Back From CPS?



Some people want to know how long it takes to get your child back, well, it all depends, there is no set length of time. In 2007, my children were returned to our home in 12 weeks however, we were coerced into cooperating with their lame case plan for an additional 18 months. In 2010, our children were removed a second time, but were returned at the first hearing. Due to my husband’s ex-wife calling the social workers directly as well as the CPS hotline making up crazy lies, the director ordered a positive hair follicle test from CDT, Inc. so the children were removed again 30 days later and were from then on, determined to never return them at all. So, it could take as little as 3 months or as long as 18 months to get your child back. Due to budget cuts, not too many children are…

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Secret Family Courts in the UK – readers of the blog please share this with the world …

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira

Hello Little men..

Hope you both are well …

Just received the below notice seems the judge wants to gag me so that you both do not know the truth about our case……

The UK Family law and this Judge is a joke in my opinion…

I will not be in the Court so I wish the Hight Court luck in enforcing any further orders as they have to date not once acted in your best interest…

Speak to you both later xx


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