Guest Post: Vena Ramphal, “I’m Getting A Divorce – Is It Okay To Feel Excited?”

Vena Ramphal

Researching Reform

“Is it okay for me to feel this excited?” she asked, suddenly a little nervous.

“Yes,” I replied.

She looked unsure. “But… I’m getting a divorce. Shouldn’t I be just sad and upset?”

This conversation took place with a client recently. She had contacted me soon after her husband said that he wanted to end their marriage. She was shocked.

The first time she came to see me she was in a state of shock; feeling like the bottom had fallen out of her world. We worked over the coming weeks for her to accept the situation, gather herself and start to move forward gently into a new life.

A couple of months on, she was feeling better. The communication with her ex was going as well as could be expected. She was looking forward to living in a new flat, even though the prospect of moving out of their…

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A Few Minutes And Counting – Catch the One Off Live Debate in Parliament on Child Welfare

Researching Reform

It’s a one off session that seeks to explore UNICEF’s findings on child wellbeing in rich countries, and believe it or not, the UK falls into that category. (Though you wouldn’t know it the way our government manages our wealth).

The session starts at 9.30am today and you can catch it live on Parliament TV. 

Twitter users can get involved too -simply respond to what you hear using the hash tag #EducomWellbeing.

Planned speakers include:

  • Dragan Nastic, Domestic Policy and Research Officer, UNICEF-UK
  • Peter Grigg, Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research, The Children’s Society
  • Rt Hon David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools, Department for Education

The page on the website doesn’t make the agenda for the discussion terribly clear save for the fact that there will be a debate on Free schools and Academies.

Do get involved if you can. We know we will be raising our voice…

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The missing $20 trillion

Dear David, watch and share our short video explaining tax havens and why Barclays need to clean up their act ActionAid

Click to watch the video

The topic of tax dodging can seem complicated and full jargon. Big companies can rely on this to get away with dodging their fair share of tax.

So we’re lifting the veil.

We’ve created this really short, simple video to explain what tax havens are, how Barclays bank is promoting them, and how they can cost developing countries billions in much needed income for vital services like health and education.

>> Please watch the video and share it with your friends today

If you have any other questions on the Clean Up Barclays campaign or if you’d like to get more involved, just send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your support,

Claire Donner
Digital Campaigner
ActionAid UK 

The video Procter & Gamble don’t want you to see!

Hi David,

WATCH: the video Procter and Gamble don't want you to see

WARNING: This film contains graphic and heartbreaking content. But this is a story that must be told.

You may have seen Procter & Gamble’s adverts on TV, claiming to be a ‘proud sponsor of mums’. But it buys palm oil from companies that are trashing Indonesia’s rainforest, destroying the habitat of the last orangutans.

Thanks to P&G and its palm oil suppliers, many orangutan babies no longer have a mother.

Please watch this film, and make a donation to help stop destructive palm oil.

We must persuade P&G to clean up their act if we are to transform the palm oil industry and protect endangered species like orangutans.

Your donation will help to continue:

  • Exposing P&G and its dirty practices;
  • gathering evidence about the destruction in its supply chain;
  • identifying the extent of deforestation in Indonesia; and
  • meeting palm oil industry chiefs to demand change.

Please give just a few pounds a month now, and join the movement to stand up for Indonesia’s forests.

Thank you


The Vindictiveness of The Narcissist

Narcissist Slayer AwardImage

Ladywithatruck's Blog

 I received this comment on one of my posts this morning and thought the topic was worth a stand-alone post.  I always recommend women in a relationship with a narcissist keep a journal for many reasons, several of which are in the post from Louise. In the beginning I started a journal in self defense because JC kept a daily journal and would accuse me of doing things and when I denied them he would refer to his journal. It was his “proof” that things occurred the way he said they did and because I had nothing in writing I was wrong and he was right. As you know, you know the events and what you did but you may not remember the exact day and time weeks or months later.

After we split the first time I decided when I went back I would keep a journal of my…

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Pedophilia as an accepted Sexual Orientation – Never!!!

Patricia McKnight ~~ My Justice



Dear Friends, Family & Media Resources;

Many of you know my story and I personally know many of your stories. You probably know the stories of many others who have endured the vicious acts of Child Sexual Abuse. Now I’m not saying that physical abuse is any less of an issue but this post is focused on the need to stop PEDOPHILES from bringing their attractions and actions against our children. The most important factor, how can a child give true ‘CONSENT’ when they can’t even decide their favorite Crayon Color? Still, we are supposed to accept this as a Sexual Orientation. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

On Monday, March 10th, we did a show on Butterfly Dreams Radio about the U.K. recent talks to permit Pedophilia as a sexual…

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