MPs grant powers to close local hospitals! @LBC

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Government to merge Chase Farm Hospital which David Cameron vowed to save

Nurses on hospital ward

MPs have voted through a controversial measure that gives England’s health secretary powers to close local hospitals, even if they are performing well.

Clause 119 in the Care Bill allows a hospital to be closed or downgraded if a neighbouring trust is struggling financially.

The government maintains it is a good way to address local care issues.

But critics say the powers put finances ahead of patient care.

Clause 119 gives special administrators the power to make changes to neighbouring services while trying to rescue failing NHS trusts.MORE


Sheffield dad convicted of masterpiece damage

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

A Fathers4Justice campaigner from Sheffield has been found guilty of damaging one of the country’s most famous paintings.

 Paul Manning Father 4 Justice

Paul Manning, aged 58, stuck a picture of his son on to Constable’s The Hay Wain which is on display in the National Gallery in London.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard Manning was restrained by a security guard while trying to superglue the picture of his son to the painting last June.

A restoration expert said it took 25 minutes to remove the picture, and another four or five hours to apply a new coat of varnish.

The court heard the estimated damage to the painting was £300.

Manning, of Kirkstone Road, Walkley, Sheffield, represented himself in court and denied criminal damage.

He said the only thing he was guilty of was ‘loving his son’.

He said he had experimented with different glues at home, to find the one which would cause…

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What is True Love

Ladywithatruck's Blog

My son arrived back in BC Saturday night and Sunday morning I received this picture in a text message. No words, only a picture. I opened it and cried. I had to sit and look at it for a while trying to figure out why on earth I would be crying.Image
I was crying out of joy of course, because I love my son and I have missed him more than I ever admit because he is a man who has to live his life and I don’t want to ever make him feel guilty for following his dreams or doing what he needs to do for himself. It is like when he was married and I never did like his wife much, I didn’t think they were a good match, she was bossy and talked baby talk to him LOL But I never said anything, then my mom…

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Salford Dads Banner Protest

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

>A Salford dad has left a message for his children on a block of flats near Mocha Parade after being denied access to his two children.

Dads are lining up to climb roofs again and cause whatever disruption necessary to highlight this injustice. If this means disrupting Manchester, climbing Eastlands,the new BBC press office site or GMEX then we will! Expect the unexpected

The governments recent family law review interim report rejected calls for guaranteed access to children for separating mothers and fathers, effectively leaving the presumption of custody with mothers.

The whole present Family Court system is a complete pantomime farce at best. At worst (and I know many dads experience the worst, it can KILL YOU!) the system shows how corrupt, perverse and deeply prejudiced many of the self-serving actors in that play in it are.

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Cohabitation Doesn’t Cause Divorce, Experience Does: Stonking New Research From Across The Pond


Researching Reform

We’ve long said that the conservative brigade tutting at cohabiting couples and blaming them for all marriage-related woes were both simplistic and foolish, and finally there is solid evidence to show for it.

New research published today from America, conducted by the nonpartisan Council on Contemporary Families explains that cohabitation is not likely to be the problem – it was and is related to the age at which couples start living together (whether before wedding vows are exchanged, or after).

The research showed that those couples who had begun living together before the age of 23 were most likely to split later.

Arielle Kuperburg, who is a professor at the University of North CarolinaGreensboro, produced much of the research. She says, “Part of it is maturity, part of it is picking the right partner, part of it is that you’re really not set up in the world yet……

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