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Justice under the knife: Legal aid cuts interview

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Unlike criminal court,  Family Court is conducted behind closed secret courtroom doors without any form of accountability by the Press or Public and the scrutiny of how funds are used both private and public also becomes blurred!

Do not be hoodwinked by those who claim to act in YOUR child’s best interest, why should they? The only reason they act, and are able to do so, is for greed and they can satisfy that greed with immunity as the conflict of 2 parents simply adds fuel to the flames. So called legal professionals would only strike or protest if their vested interest are at stake not yours!

Childhood is such a short span of time, do not allow the greed of so called professionals and incompetent social workers disrupt this precious time!

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#newsuffragettes : Fathers swing back the pendulum!

New Suffragettes

A hundred years after Emily Wilding Davison threw herself under the King’s racehorse at the Derby, the rights she fought for are largely taken for granted in Britain. But there are still many places around the world where women risk their lives in pursuit of basic freedoms.


In Saudi Arabia women cannot drive, have no freedoms and as yet do not have electoral equality with males, although some changes are being introduced, slowly.

Millions of women who stood with men during Arab Spring uprisings are now being pushed back into veils, homes, impotence or imprisonment. In Iran’s elections next month, women are banned from standing. Those we saw in the last election have been suppressed or jailed.

Yet women all around the world, with extraordinary courage, are continuing to fight. Some are among the “New Suffragettes” who will be celebrated in this week-long series.Pendulum photo: Magic Pendulum Foucault_pendulum_animated.gif

OR is it Time4Change?

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New Articles in the Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law, Hooray!

Researching Reform

We’re delighted to let you know that we have some fresh articles for you over at our Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law, and they make for excellent reading, even if we do say so ourselves.

This week we can offer you the super Glynne Davies’ explanation of what a SPIP is and how it works, definitely worth a read if you’re interested in parenting programmes.

We also have not one, but three articles written by Gill Phillips, who is the Director of Editorial Legal Services, over at The Guardian newspaper. Gill has chosen to write about media reporting and the family courts. Her first article focuses on the family courts and the reporting of criminal cases involving children. It’s a must-read.

Gill’s second article looks at the developments in the family courts surrounding the reporting restrictions and media reporting generally. Her final piece is a snapshot of the developments…

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Family Justice Research Bulletin – 4 March, 2014

Researching Reform

The Research Bulletin series is the government’s way of providing a summary of the findings related to recent research on family justice. It also offers an update on the latest developments inside the system in relation to ongoing and future projects.

This particular bulletin includes details of recently published research on private and public family law. Interestingly, the bulletin also embraces international research in the same areas, with a view to offering a more complete view, which we like a great deal.

Another great feature is the site’s invitation to comment on the bulletin and even invites people to get in touch if they feel there are other research projects that should be included. You can email these guys over at knowledgehub@justice.gsi.gov.uk.

The bulletin is part of the government’s Knowledge Hub, which has been set up to help promote good practice and help highlight relevant research. Family Law’s hub is called…

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