#JeffLynne to Tour, how about Roy & Bev? @achrisevans

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#JeffLynne please tour” txts into 10’s of thousands by the end of the show. He’s on The One Show tonight-is there a doctorate in the house?” Chris Evans   The Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

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Also 7pm on BBC1 The One show

As a purest I would dearly love to see Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan reunited as a tribute to music they have produced over the past 45 years spannig early Brum Bands to today’s technology! Jeff has remained in the lime light through film scores, Travelling Wilburys and remastering old Beatles tunes Besides the legacy of all his ELO compositions!

Roy Wood, who along with Jeff has also been accredited with an Honoury Doctorate in music, Walk of a Star in Birmingham, a number of Ivor Novello  awards for their contributing to composing pop music , though unlike Jeff Roy remains popular in spite of not having an original compsition in the charts since 1975 ( ‘Oh What a Shame’, ironically was it’s title)  So that God for the Christmas one!! 

Bev Bevan on the other hand may have to bury a few hatchets before Roy does for his The Move 2 and Jeff for ELO pt.2 preferably not in Bev’s head!

Thanks to Martin for the lone of his pics! See Martin*below

I am of the belief that had Roy Wood remained with Jeff in ELO the group would have gone on to be the Beatles of the 70’s with Jeff’s almost McCartney like perfection in production and melodies whilst Roy offered quirky lyrics and unexpected instrumental rifts that fitted quite nicely thank you; Davey

Jeff & Roy Reunite!!


NOT in ANY Child’s Best Interest!

Lawyers staging second walk-out over legal aid cuts!

Barristers outside the Central Criminal Court with a placard reading: "Defend justice; defend legal aid."

A rare occasion I had the blog title 1st!

Children Screaming To Be Heard Will Be Demonstrating With The Legal Crew At the Save Legal Aid Demo  Broken Justice


Another quiet man of Politics!

Family Law : My Advice?

There has to be away to take financial incentives out of this industry and I suggest  an organisation like ACAS deals with it as they would in Employer/Trade Union disputes . Each parent to be allowed sufficient legal aid to bring a definitive resolution to the table based on shared care of their child and the findings to be binding on both parents!       MORE





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Just need to check that you both are ok little men….

The Story of my Twin Boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira



Hey little men…

Sorry , yes I know it’s 2 am , but I have just had the strangest dream about you both …. I dream about you both most nights but normally it’s me doing the talking …. Lol , I know it’s always me ….. I guess it’s because I can’t really remember or know what you both sound like….but tonight you both spoke to me clear as anything …

I was outside your front door on the step stone thing , your paid surrogate was trying to stop you both from coming outside , but you did…. I was on one knee , you both had very thick wool knitted polo neck jumpers on …cream colour , not sure why I remember this stuff….

You both came out and put your arms around me and said Daddy , don’t go we don’t want to stay here ………

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