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DaveyI am most proud of my original blog which I first started writing when my kids went AWOL in 2007, sadly all I published then is still relevant today. Please view this blog and click on all the pictures and blog titles for more.

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Here is my campaigning site, when I first experienced Family Court and Social Services I was so astounded at the injustice soDavey2 I went in search for where in the world things were done better. Sadly they are no better elsewhere and some are even worse then the UK. So what started as research culminated into a campaign which I always said I would not do but 10 years on I dedicated all my efforts to the memory of the late Ian Mackay who acted as McKenzie friend for me when the case ran out!

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Agreed Parenting Schedule With Equal Time Rejected in Roane County Divorce: Holmes v. Holmes

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Knoxville child custody lawyersFacts : Mother and Father,the parents of three children, divorced after 13 years of marriage. When the divorce trial began, the parents announced their agreement regarding the continuation of the equal time, alternate-week schedule they followed while the divorce was pending. The only issues presented for trial were (1) which parent would be named the primary residential parent, and (2) which parent would maintain ultimate decision-making authority.

A psychologist who performed a custody evaluation testified that the current alternate-week arrangement was successful in that the children were happy, mentally healthy, and well-adjusted. The psychologist recommended continuation of the current co-parenting schedule despite the parents’ inability to agree on other matters. He acknowledged, however, that the parents’ inability to agree about “really anything” could cause problems in the future.

The trial court rejected the equal time arrangement advocated by both parents. Instead, it entered an order establishing Father as primary residential…

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Department For Education Publishes Consultation and More Guidelines on Adoption and Fostering


Researching Reform

The Department For Education published a consultation on 28th February which seeks to look at ways of improving the fostering and adoption process. Namely making adoption faster, raising awareness of support available to adopters and the guidelines which have been issued at the same time are designed to help social workers follow the processes involved.

Community Care’s article on the new publications is very good, and worth a read for a quick summation of the content and what Edward Timpson, our Children’s Minister, and others, have to say about all of it.

We’ve added the Department’s description of the consultation and its aims below:

The department is consulting on amendments to statutory guidance and regulations about:

  • fostering for adoption
  • consideration of ethnicity when matching children with prospective adopters
  • placing siblings with an adoptive family
  • information to be provided about adoption support
  • the Adoption and Children Act register
  • contact in…

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