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Third of gay people in London believe they can’t adopt

Sexuality is still seen as a barrier to becoming parents by a third of gay people in London.

A survey of 400 lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender parents, and people who are considering fostering and adoption in the UK, also reveals that one in four were told that they should not be a parent – often by their own family.

Research was published by Action for Children and New Family Social Credit: PA Wire

Third of gay people in London believe they can’t adopt

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In the meantime…..STOP THE WAR ON DADS NOW!

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Let theses loving dads have access to their own CHILDREN 

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Could It Happen in Your Family?

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DSC00507 (2) Tomorrow at 5 pm I’ll be doing an interview with Jill Egizii who is the host of her own show on blogtalkradio.com out of Springfield Illinois. Jill is a local politician and advocate for children with a special interest in parental alienation.

She’ll be discussing a story out of California involving pop radio icon Casey Kasem, now 81-years-old, who ruled the airwaves for decades as a music historian and deejay, best known for the popular show “American Top 40” and its multiple spin-offs.

Mr. Kasem retired from radio and his impressive voice-over career in 2009 once he became debilitated by Parkinson’s disease. Recently, however, he has been back in the media spotlight as a result of a situation that is sadly, not uncommon.

Mr. Kasem’s three adult children, Mike, Julie and Kerrie, from his 7-year marriage to his first wife, Linda Meyers, have been refused contact with their father by…

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Signs of Child Abuse

Educate on Violence


Child abuse is a horrendous act of violence that should not even exist in my opinion, but we all know that it is out there.  These kids are stuck in violent homes, waiting and hoping that someone, ANYONE will come to their rescue. The abusers are most commonly a parent or a caregiver.  The ones that these kids should be able to trust wholeheartedly, they are paralyzed in fear: In fear of what will happen if they make a mistake, say the wrong thing, do something that the abuser doesn’t like.  One way we can help these kids is if we can spot the signs of child abuse so that we can help them out and give them the safety and security they need.  Abused children may not display all of these symptoms, and some of these symptoms are not directly and only caused by abuse, but…

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NJ Teen Suing Parents For Child Support Loses First Round


A judge has rejected the first round of a New Jersey 18-year-old’s lawsuit against her parents whom she says abandoned her and refused to pay her school costs, a decision that could set an important precedent for a family’s obligation to support an of-age child who has left home.

The family court judge rejected Rachel Canning’s request for $600 a month in support as well as tuition fees paid for her private schooling, Reuters reports, after Canning claimed her parents kicked her out of her house in November 2013. Canning, 18, wants her parents to pay for her college and high school tuition, and living expenses.

Her parents say Canning left home voluntarily, and had severe behavioral problems.

The case could set legal parameters on whether New Jersey parents are required to pay for their children’s college education and offer other support after their child has left home, say family law…

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