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Child Maltreatment Bill – Is It Over?

Researching Reform

The Child Maltreatment Bill , which was drafted to create provisions for the emotional and physical welfare of children (a rather opaque definition by anyone’s standards), appears to be on the verge of collapse.

The Bill was due to be moved for debate on 28th February, but this in fact did not happen. Parliament’s website tells us that there is no indication as to when this Bill might progress further.

It’s not a Bill we back; we happen to think it’s lacking and dangerously thin on detail, so you’ll perhaps forgive us for breathing a sigh of relief, for now.


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Supreme Court brings private nuisance into the 21st century

UK Human Rights Blog

270866141Coventry v. Lawrence [2014] UKSC 13, 26 February 2014, read judgment

The law of private nuisance is the way of balancing the rights of neighours, the right to be noisy or smelly, and to be free of noise or smells. Hitherto it is has been explicitly a private law remedy, and has slightly odd rules. But it has been struggling with public interests for some years; are they irrelevant, or can they carry the day for claimant or defendant in a private nuisance claim?

Fortunately, enough of the big issues bedevilling this area of the law came before the Supreme Court in one fell swoop. And they have led to an important re-balancing of the rules. In particular, public interest is relevant, but not at the first stage of deciding whether someone has a claim, but later – can they get an injunction to stop the noise or should they…

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Missing Persons & Stealthfind w/ Kelly & Julia -Learning is a Family Affair 03/03 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts

Patricia McKnight ~~ My Justice

Missing Persons & Stealthfind w/ Kelly & Julia -Learning is a Family Affair 03/03 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts .

Tonight on our very special March broadcast kickoff, welcome Kelly Townsend & Julia D’Alfanzo, This team is phenomenal and their magnificent rescues have been a ‘FEATURE’ on DISCOVERY ID CHANNEL’s, ‘Last Seen Alive’. Missing Persons & Human Trafficking Rescuers, Arizona Private Investigator team and Board Members of National Domestic Violence Registry & Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. They search and rescue, actual boots on ground recovery missions, for those who are reported missing or trapped in human trafficking circles. We are honored to have them join us tonight, and please reach out to them @ if you would like them to review your MISSING PERSONS CASE. You can also connect with them at Tracker Suspicions here on Facebook!!!

Show starts at 9pm eastern/ 8pm central/ 7pm…

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Divorce and Grandparent Visitation Advice in “The Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors”

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Knoxville grandparent visitation lawyers The Tennessee Bar Association just released the 2014 edition of The Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors .

In addition to important information about federal benefits programs, estate planning, online security and health care, the Handbook contains some information about family law issues relevant to senior citizens.

On page 174 of the Handbook, readers will find the following in a section called “Divorce Considerations for the Senior Adult”:

When an older person divorces, there are a myriad of special considerations not necessarily applicable to younger couples, as well as other factors unique to the marital relationship. The first step is to obtain a lawyer knowledgeable about divorce considerations for senior adults. When you meet with your lawyer, if you are overwrought or upset, it is also advisable to have a relative or friend accompany you to the lawyer’s office, but to preserve the attorney-client privilege, you alone should meet with…

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#14: An Open Letter to the Persecuted Parent Community

The Butterfly Dad Blog


Are you looking for real action that can be taken to bring a stop to family legal abuse?

Are you tired of just posting grievances on Facebook and hitting “Like” buttons to support the cause, but left wondering how anybody is ever going stop these egregious and pervasive human rights violations?

Would you like to actually DO something that will help to make a real difference?


What I am suggesting here, my fellow warriors, I’m admitting up front, is not going to solve the problem completely, not 100%, not by itself. But, it will make a real difference and provide something effective in our human rights struggles that will feel a lot more satisfying than just Facebooking. Now, don’t get me wrong, Facebooking is important. Social media, such as the Butterfly Families Show podcast, is absolutely vital to the advancement of human rights and it’s a BIG part of…

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