@LBC MP John Hemming to raise Essex forced Caesarean claim (Heavy Handed SS edition!) @BBCLondon

John Hemming

John Hemming MP said he would raise the matter in Parliament

An MP is to raise the case of a woman who he says had her baby forcibly removed by Caesarean section, and taken by social services in Essex.

Liberal Democrat John Hemming said the Italian woman had had a panic attack linked to her bipolar disorder and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

She was sedated after authorities obtained a court order.

Essex County Council, which allegedly took the baby into care, said it could not comment on “ongoing” cases.

It is understood the woman was pregnant when she came to the UK to work for Stansted Airport in 2012.

Up for adoption

Mr Hemming, MP for Birmingham Yardley and chairman of the Justice for Families Campaign, said he planned to raise the case in Parliament.

He claims to have seen documents proving Essex social services obtained a court order for a Caesarean section, and for the child to be taken into care.

He said the girl, who is now 15 months old, was still in the care of Essex social services and was being put up for adoption.

Solicitor Brendan Fleming issued a statement in which he said he had been instructed by the woman’s lawyers but would not discuss the case.

“We remain committed to fighting for our clients and shall fight tooth and nail to help mother be reunited with her baby,” it said.

A council spokesperson said: “Essex County Council does not comment on the circumstances of ongoing individual cases involving vulnerable people and children.”               SO LET US RAISE THE ISSUE!                         Davey


Question It!


Our question to you this week then,

is this: Were Essex County Council

right to do what they did?





9 thoughts on “@LBC MP John Hemming to raise Essex forced Caesarean claim (Heavy Handed SS edition!) @BBCLondon

  1. I call it a “jack in the box” mentality the judge who authorised this kind of behaviour needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and imprisoned for acts of inhumane treatment… He should be made to pay a minimum of £50.000 in damages and struck off. I wish I knew his name and what court dealt with this horrendous criminal activity. Then the social worker and the entire department should also be dealt with and made to pay a further sum of compensation for emotional harm and knowingly threatening the life of an unborn child by that drastic method.
    And then the hospital who administered the drug to cause this act should also be prosecuted… the person who drugged and the persons who gave that authority.
    Anyone who administers any drug without giving reason or informing the patient of the purpose of that drug is committing a criminal offence. Secondly if the patient is incapable of giving consent for that drug to be administered then a person close to that patient of a family or elected representative has to be present and take responsibility for that patient. The knowledge or consent of the patient must first be gained or the consent of a person related to, or given prior authority by that patient must first be gained. And in any case that consent must be in writing and witnessed


  2. i’ve just dismissed my solicitors at adam whyte and co leith walk Edinburgh, i provide stacks of evidence and they want to put me through the mill with the mental health rap again, the very process that was used to gag me as a viable witness as a child and later as an adult

    I have recorded evidence of Linda Fowler stating that they rubber stamp victims like me under the mental health laws to fuck us up, basically. Linda fowler was then my solicitor with Hughes Walker, i will check later when they were near Torphichen fighting a section and the she turned round and said the courts do all the time and my solicitor Ross Gardner sounded more like a fucking psychopath, on the rubber stamp trail , the first day we met. I knew it then and so did the last judge i met at court hearing my case.

    Here are the letter and email and as per conversation with Ross Gardner in this email and the letters and recordings provided is all that I did and all that I was supposed to do which was not done by my representatives in local and national government. I have solicitors also saying that they cannot do anything because of the law. Long past is the day when people find honesty in any institution, in fact the last time i heard about an honest person doing good work was when he realised that his client was broke and offered to do the remainder of her case for nothing, by nothing they mean the legal aid they get when they have taken every penny off the client and they are automatically awarded legal aid. The Justice secretary has every right to punish Solicitors and Advocates under the proposed cuts in the legal aid system because the rubber stamping is a gravy train and not just a waste but a criminal waste of funds that would better serve genuine cases and it will end people being given recommendations from one crooked solicitor to another. they just tell you the same thing look at how damaged and vulnerable you are and gob off about how expensive your case is “IT COSTS MONEY IT IS VERY COMPLEX” just a couple of the many lies I have been told so far. Yep cut the legal aid funding because they are screwing the tax payer. Like I loud hailed at the court Mr Gardner I will guarantee the end of the gravy train in legal aid. That will result in a lot of redundancies and I feel that a penalty system should be put in place to make sure that the solicitors do earn it. when there are less pockets to line the service will improve.



  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By8cvTJI-dcSa1JhWklueDRReGM/edit?usp=sharing

    this video was taken down by you tube. journalists lying it shows that the media still can get away with child rape and murder by persecuted their porn stars from the child care systems. i don’t know which one is Barbour but you can go find out yourselves.

    more media making the news trying to set me up for a section with the help of doctors from child care or direct contact and involvement with career paedophiles. there are so many pedophiles who were in child care doing well for themselves because they did not object and were well conected i.e. they were children of civil servants and doctors the media you name Dr Paul Myatt of carstairs hospital Dr Allan Scott among others have direct links to pedophile networks that did involve child murder. target them Anonymous is so brave you all say go do some fighting instead of harvesting out life stories go dig into those who abused us. fergus thatcher and the french social worker and in fact all the social work male and female involved in mental health.



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