A Daddy’s Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband)

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This is one of those touching letters which reaches right into the heart of what’s important in life and leaves you feeling wonder and delight. Posted on Dr Kelly Flanagan’s website (and possibly written by him also) is a letter by a father to his daughter, who is still only a little thing.

The sentiment inside the letter teaches her the most valuable lesson anyone can be taught: self-worth is not about what others think of you, but about what you think of yourself. But more than this, it is about being able to appreciate how valuable you are by understanding just how valuable everyone else is, too.

We’ve added a link to the letter above, but we’ve printed the letter in full below:

Dear Cutie-Pie,

Recently, your mother and I were searching for an answer on Google. Halfway through entering the question, Google returned a list of the most popular…

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“Part of the Problem, or Part of the Solution” (By: Michele Babcock-Nice)


It is very upsetting, discouraging, disappointing, and disturbing when one approaches another to seek improvement in and/or resolution to a particular matter, and the other person contributes to being part of the problem by not being understanding or supportive about it, rather than being part of the solution.  I experienced this several times, already, this week in relation to school situations.  The person for whom it is most upsetting and disturbing is the child who directly experiences it.  It is always discouraging to experience situations in which the words and behaviors of school employees are part of the problem.  It is encouraging when their words and actions contribute to solutions.

When a family is spending more money on a private school education for their child, they expect more in every area.  Expected is more support, more understanding, more sensitivity, and at least, fairness, particuarly in situations about which upper administration…

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“The Rabbit Hole”. By Paul Manning.

Abba Father.

Many deep thinking and learned people, scientists, astrophysicists and cosmologists believe in a strange concept which is called “The infinite Universe Probability.” To try to explain this is a very hard thing to do, however I shall try to do that by way of simple illustrations that might just make it clearer, so here we go: Time and space is so unending and so vast that it’s probable that more than one Universe exists, in fact maybe countless trillions do. The chances are that many of them, given time, have replicated each other over and over again like 2 mirrors facing each other. In this way their reflection never ever stops, just as long as the 2 mirrors remain in proximity. Given that this logic may be true then it’s also probable and possible that we, as humans, have countless copies of ourselves out there in the other parallel Universes…

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Deception, Cover Up and Ineptitude – Child Abuse in The Diocese Of Chichester

Researching Reform

In this video footage kindly sent to us by Phil Johnson, The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner acknowledges that there has been deception and cover-up within the Diocese of Chichester in relation to child sexual abuse as committed by priests of the time. In the letter to Phil’s brother, Gary, Dr Warner also writes that there has been “ineptitude and irresponsible lack of professionalism”. This revelation was  aired on the news just two days ago. 

All this relates to a series of events, within the Diocese of Chichester, which led to several boys being sexually abused by various members of the clergy in that Diocese. Phil and Gary Johnson have campaigned tirelessly to highlight and expose what happened to them and others and you can catch some of that campaign on our blog. 

You can also watch their short documentary The Shameful Truth, jointly created with award-winning BBC Home…

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