Spotlight on: Story of Mum

I like to re-blog articles such as this as it shows a good balance of those affected by Family Court injustice which I have found over the years undermines good parents both mum and dad whilst feckless dads and greedy mums benefit from this corruption!

Researching Reform

At Researching Reform we love our Dads Organisations, and with only a few really good ones knocking around, we’ve made a real fuss of them over the last couple of years, but we don’t want mums to feel left out, so when we come across a truly wonderful find for the Motherhood, we have to share it.

Enter Story of Mum – a down to earth, scrumptious website for real mummies everywhere. This site is all about the feel good factor for mums, whatever kind of mum you are and encourages that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from sharing mum stuff with other mums.

Some of our favourite sections include: Be A Bad Mummy (if you know us, you’ll get why, of course), which is all about sharing The Mess of Motherhood (which is healthy and very much a part of being a real parent), Share The Love, which…

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