Spotlight on: Depressed Dads after Divorce!

Most Guys accept this as their role in Life……..


……………….but what happens after divorce/ separation when you are expected to do  the above  doubled but all on one salary……………


……….then add juggling access (visitation) time with the need to work more then the demands of CSA (Child Support the cause of child poverty) are added into the mix……………..




……….Society then expect you to……..


Signs Of Male Depression? – A Call To A New Beginning!


Spotlight on: Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition

Researching Reform

Many thanks to the super-duper Sue Atkins for telling us about this lovely exhibition on motherhood taking place in Chelsea, London, in June this year.

Put together by Kensington Mums, a website sharing resources for mothers in the borough of Kensington in London to help them keep their kids entertained and happy, their latest endeavour is an exhibition on Motherhood and why mothers are a valuable resource in themselves in the lives of children all over the world. In a world where we seem to pendulum from celebrating motherhood to denigrating it, Researching Reform back this exhibition all the way and wish Kensington Mums the best of luck with it.

If you want to take part, you can email with subject heading Participate in Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition. The website tells us that the meeting dates for this exhibition will be:

Dates of our meet ups for the exhibition will…

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HELPLESS and Powerless? Web bullets for courageous hearts and minds

Victims Unite!

Length of stay in U.S. foster care

Yes, seeing behind the motivations of bad news and seeing through the intentions of bad institutions makes us feel helpless and powerless. Until somebody comes along and lifts your spirit again and you feel less alone, less ‘ashamed and impotent’ as commentator obesiverights.

My ‘position statement’ this morning:

the financial critique is rolling as the cause of all evil: 

victims as the sad effects are coming together:

  • when victims become fighters as Litigants in Person (LiPs), Help for LiPs is growing, too;

child snatching as the most heinous of white collar crimes:

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Mike Prysner a soldier who realised he didn’t want to be a soldier anymore. My hero.

Abba Father.

This powerful historic speech has to be read and listened to, read it here and on YouTube:

“My name is Mike Prysner. I joined the Army and went for basic training on my eighteenth birthday in June of 2001. I was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division and in March of 2003 I was attached to the 173rd Airborne Brigade deployed to norther Iraq.

So when I first joined the Army, we were told that racism no longer existed in the military. A legacy of inequality and discrimination was suddenly washed away by something called the ‘Equal Opportunity Program. We would sit through mandatory classes and every unit had this EO representative to ensure that no elements of racism could resurface. The Army seemed firmly dedicated to smashing any hint of racism. And then September 11th happened and I began to hear new words like ‘towel head’ and ‘camel…

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UK Border Agency criticised for separating parents from children

Victims Unite!

13 04 20 CYPNWell, we’re not alone after all: BID, Bail for Immigration, have studied the ‘cases’ they have to deal with and noticed the terrible effects the separation from parents has on their children:

  • emotional stress, 
  • adverse effects including weight loss, nightmares, insomnia and ‘extreme isolation’.

How can it be? After all, it’s “in the interest of the child!”

But, as one inmate has discovered from her own experiences: foreigners are among those being targeted by Social Services. Why? Presumably they think they can get away with deporting the parents, after fostering or adopting their kids, to keep the industry going…

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Death Not Optional

Parental Alienation Awareness



One week, three days, and twenty-two hours.  That’s how much time has passed since the death of my mother.  Death.  The end.  No more.  Well, at least in Earthly form.  My mother was cremated.  Her body burned up in flames.  We have the ashes to prove it.  These words are not pretty.  I’m not looking for pretty words.  I need to experience the realness of this situation, and be one with the precise terms of what actually happens when human life ends.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I was dealt a card during my youth that was not the best of circumstances for me.  My mother, among many other things, was an Alienating Parent.  She removed my father from my life for about eleven years.  Of course, I had many other issues with her over the years, but this particular issue is why my blog…

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