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Children and Families Bill – Committee Report Draws Closer

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As we keep an eye on the Children and Families Bill‘s movements through Parliament, the latest news is just in. There are two more provisional sittings for the Bill, on the 23rd and 25th April respectively, with the Committee expected to report on the discussions by the 25th April.

It is not clear from the Parliament website nor the update we received whether the second provisional sitting which takes place on the 25th April as well, is allotted for further discussion or indeed for the Committee to report on their findings. We shall no doubt find out in due course.


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Researching Reform

It’s late and we have a little more work to do, but we thought we’d liven up the blog a little this evening as most of our posts have been rather emotive and necessarily serious we might add, but perhaps it’s time for a little interactive interlude which puts our generous readers at the helm. (So, what’s new?)

Ok, so, we’re going to put you at the helm in a different way…. with a poll! Here it comes…. are you ready to do a little poll dancing with us…. ? (What? You love it).

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Domestic Violence Extended – Early Case Studies: Part Five

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With Mina’s suspicions confirmed, she has now discovered there is a hearing in less than 24 hours. The Local Authority still have not been able to produce all the files for the parties to the case and Mina becomes increasingly more anxious as the hearing draws closer, knowing that her lawyers do not have all the information they need.

The morning of the hearing arrives but the all of the paperwork is still not forthcoming. The parties converge on the court-house. The hearing is adjourned, but not before making a non molestation order against Mohammed. The next hearing is set for three weeks’ time.

Mina is no longer allowed to have any communication with Mohammed. She has a full-time support worker at home. She feels very intimidated by the support worker, who sits and taps incessantly on her iPad, passes brusque remarks and makes Mina feel as if her parenting skills…

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