Let’s STOP the TABOO of Family Justice Reform!

Demolish FJS

images (23)Terror comes in all shapes,
obvious acts usingpage1 explosives or shootings which are virtually impossible to control or prevent if a determined perpetrator his so hell-bent so we need to consider alternatives.

What is the answer in Afghanistan  Will the day come when the 70 year dispute prove logical for Israel/Palestine An Iron Dome launcher fires an interceptor rocket in the southern city of Ashdod, about an hour after a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effectimages (21)to capitalise on their common interest rather then their divisions. North Korea, Syria and one of the World’s oldest civilisations Iran need to have their motives squashed through diplomacy rather then saber-rattling &.why is there so many starving children in this rich world, can’t somebody bring birth control to the fore and why is it so many kids staring when the adults seem OK?
              The moral of both chapters of this blog is prevention is better then cure!

Terror can also come in more subtle ways from those you think are there to protect and serve our “best interests” !

 100,000 Fathers a year take their lives in the USA a year due to the imposition of Family Law, CPS, and Child Support on their lives many of whom are returning service personnel who have served us in giving us the quality of life and freedoms all too often taken for granted, yet are let down to the point of destruction by the very system they have traveled to the world hell-holes to protect! There is a corresponding number relevant to the population in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Europe!  
As mentioned we are all distressed by starving children around the world, but I wonder    how many people realise how many children are ‘misplaced’ but Child Welfare services either by being put into irreversible care rather being keep with extended family whilst parents sort out their issues. Putting many children in care can result abuse, neglect then maladjusted youngsters emerge reliant on drugs or violence to survive.  The system fails these kids and in turn undermines society as a whole. The number of starving kids pale into significance compared to the number of children affect by separation/divorce and the legal and professional agencies seek to make as much money as possible from these shattered lives!
Canada_Eery_Child_MattersNo more Dunblane No more Sandy Hook No More Babychildwelfare1 P No More Domestic Terror :  Lets fix this for our safety and future generations and the first port of call

Family Court

Don’t believe the phrase of in the best interest of the children as this is how Adolf Hitler controlled his people in 1937