Domestic Violence Extended – Early Case Studies: Part Four




 Support for Male VictimsofDomestic AbuseandDomestic Violence


Researching Reform

After getting some help from an organisation of McKenzie Friends, Mina is now represented by a firm of solicitors. She promptly tells the Local Authority the name of her lawyer and the firm they work for.

Her solicitor has been trying all day to get hold of the files from the Local Authority. Mina suspects that there is a hearing in court in the next 24 hours but the Local Authority have yet to officially notify her or her solicitor.

Some of the files have now arrived – the first batch of three. The rest have not yet been sent to her solicitor and the Local Authority are saying it is impossible to reproduce the files fast enough for the lawyers to have them in the next few hours. No one has given any indication of when the files will be sent over. Mina wonders why the Local Authority has…

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Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law – What’s New Pussy Cat….

Researching Reform

We’ve been very quiet over the last few weeks on the subject of our Encyclopaedia, which is a free resource for parents and practitioners alike and will, we hope, house lots of informative and easy to follow articles on all things Family Law and Family Court related, but with good reason….

Our silence has been due to a burgeoning backstage shuffle, as we chat with people and find ourselves being approached by professionals who wish to work on the project with us; we’ve been very fortunate. It’s a big machine this encyclopaedia and we’re not sure we’ll be able to get the whole thing on its legs at once, but we’re trying and we hope to have some good news for you in the not too distant future.

We just wanted to check in with you to let you know the project is still humming along, we haven’t forgotten…

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Domestic Violence Extended – Early Case Studies: Part Three


So long as it is remembered as many women abuse as men!

Researching Reform

In this series, we are exploring the way the new and extended definition of Domestic Violence is being used in its early stages. This case study follows the story of Mina and Mohammed and their three children, as social services follows their processes to investigate possible emotional abuse as defined by the new legislation.

Mina is still trying to find a solicitor. The Local Authority have given her the name of a solicitor today, but she is not local and Mina, already distrusting of the Local Authority, decides it would be more impartial for her to find her own. She has managed to get an appointment with a local solicitor who can see her in the next 48 hours. She is concerned that a hearing may be taking place soon, but no one has furnished her with any information. She is worried she will not be able to prepare in…

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