Why the United States Can’t Divorce Marriage – Must Read

Researching Reform

We’ve just come across this article, and its ideas are still swimming around the Researching Reform ether, but we thought it was so excellent we just had to share it with you, this very minute.

Posted in the very excellent online magazine Reason, the piece, which explains the difficulty with removing marriage from State control, is filled with brilliantly explained  analysis and some truly inspiring individuals both in US government and research, and is a must-read, we would modestly suggest, for its balanced, humane and rational approach to a largely still, controversial area of family law and policy, affecting countries across the world, including ours.

The article begins by telling us that, “Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan tweeted that the “[r]eal threat to traditional marriage & religious liberty is government, not gay couples who love each other & want to spend lives together.” A bold and courageous…

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