Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence

The only trouble is there will be an increase in False Allegations if they think this is the only way to get Legal Aid :

Researching Reform

Legal Aid is shrinking by the second, but we’d like to share with you what little there is left of it.

The Ministry of Justice’s website has just posted up a page on accessing legal aid if you have been a victim of domestic violence and are getting divorced or separated from your spouse. The service will allow you to get help with things like contact if you have children and support on financial issues relating to money or property.

The MOJ page gives you a link to the new definition of domestic violence, which has been extended to include 16 and 17 year olds as well as different types of violence as relating to emotional abuse.

The site also gives you a list of things which can count as evidence of domestic violence to help highlight the symptoms and offer advice on what kinds of documentation you may wish…

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