Update about ‘Ask United Nations to Recognize Parental Alienation as Violence And Abuse Against Children’

Parents, Grandparents, Signatories
Send the letter below to United Nations Secretary-General and any other government authority in your country.’

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 
United Nations Headquarters, Building NL, 38th Floor 
New York, NY 10017 
Telephone: (212) 963-5012,
Telefax: (212) 963-7055(212)963-4879(212)963-1185
Email: ecu@un.org

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon:

Please be advised that effective April 25th, 2013 we, fathers, mothers, grandparents, families and children of the universe will declare the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, (CRC) and all associated Protocols an invalid document and Treaty. We are also informing you that our children will no longer require the services of the UN Committee on CRC or any of its agents, for instance, child protective agencies, non-government organizations, judicial courts inclusive of offices and officials directly or indirectly involved with the CRC.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon we find you and all 193 State Party Members of United Nations to be in willful contempt of parents, grandparents, families and children birthrights for failure to acknowledge and act on the petition, Ask United Nations to Recognize Parental Alienation as Violence and Abuse against Children.

We, citizens of the globe, find the drafting, signing and enforcement of the CRC Treaty a malfeasance act executed without consultation or approval from parents. Therefore, we deem the CRC null and void due to Contra Proferentem that is, ambiguous wording and malicious intent. The CRC’s deceitful concerns about the Rights and Best Interest of the Child, the UN Committee of the CRC’s inhuman Recommendations and the UN General Assembly’s reckless Resolutions have subjected our children to forceful removal from their parents leading to alienation, placement in foster care, institutions and sold in adoption.

In virtue of UN sanctions of persecutions of parents, usurpation of parental rights, stealing and conversion of our children, we declare the CRC Functus Officio, which is, not having power or jurisdiction in our children’s affairs. We parents are universally reclaiming our parental rights in order to prevent any further damages to the relationships between parents and children. We are determined to halt and prevent the ongoing genocide, consequential psychological, mental and emotional damages, parents’ unjust jail terms and suicides, and untimely death of children.

It is the parents’ moral obligation and social imperative to defend our offspring against merchants of children. It is a child’s birthright to enjoy their parents’ love, protection, guidance and help with decisions in all aspects of life.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, you as grandfather and father of two daughters and a son, should be able to sympathize with our urgency to reclaim parental rights. It is essential to abolish the Convention on the Rights of the Child; it is destroying children life, compromising our grandchildren’s future, disrupting families and upsetting society’s equilibrium.



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UPDATE: Iain Duncan Smith petition!

Davey —

460,000 people is a lot of people!

On Monday the Department of Work and Pensions found out just what that looks like when I delivered the petition calling on Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week right to their doorstep.

Share the photos of the delivery with your friends on Facebook here.

Iain Duncan Smith still refuses to respond to the petition but I have no doubt he felt its impact. In fact his department was so surprised by how many journalists turned up at the delivery they went into lockdown for 15 minutes before they conceded they had to open the doors and let us in!

When I started the petition I didn’t think that he would actually take up the challenge, although there is nothing to prevent him from doing it. The point was to highlight the hypocrisy of our politicians living lives of real privilege while lecturing others on what poverty feels like.

This petition was about taking back the control of the debate — and we did that! 

Last week the petition was reported over 250 times in national media. Press from every major outlet turned out to report the delivery.

We gave a platform for people affected by the welfare changes to tell their stories. I want to say a special thank you to Heather Simpson, Eileen Short and Ian Mortimer Jones who accompanied me at the delivery. Eileen and Heather campaign with the anti-bedroom tax group and Ian campaigns for the WOW petition – please check out their campaigns.

And finally I want to thank you and everyone who supported this petition. We brought the debate back to the doorstep of power, and even though they attempted to drag it into the gutter, their actions lacked conviction and confidence, reflecting an establishment rattled by a very modern form of democracy — people power online.

Ten days ago I was at home getting frustrated about another out of touch politician saying something dismissive on the radio. A week later I was stood in front of five TV cameras getting a chance to tell a different side of the story — all because I started a petition on Change.org. I sincerely hope this has inspired you as much as it has inspired me.

I am leaving the petition open so people can still sign it. Iain Duncan Smith will be returning to Parliament next week — it would be good to clock up even more signers before then!

Thank you for your support,

P.S. I have written more about my experience of starting the petition on the Huffington Post here.


Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence

The only trouble is there will be an increase in False Allegations if they think this is the only way to get Legal Aid : http://www.solicitorsjournal.com/node/15962

Researching Reform

Legal Aid is shrinking by the second, but we’d like to share with you what little there is left of it.

The Ministry of Justice’s website has just posted up a page on accessing legal aid if you have been a victim of domestic violence and are getting divorced or separated from your spouse. The service will allow you to get help with things like contact if you have children and support on financial issues relating to money or property.

The MOJ page gives you a link to the new definition of domestic violence, which has been extended to include 16 and 17 year olds as well as different types of violence as relating to emotional abuse.

The site also gives you a list of things which can count as evidence of domestic violence to help highlight the symptoms and offer advice on what kinds of documentation you may wish…

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