Closed courtrooms only protect bad judges and lawyers, says Judge Judy

AMERICA’S MOST FAMOUS judge has told a former Minister for Justice that Ireland should have cameras in every courtroom.

Speaking to Nora Owen on TV3′s Midweek, Judge Judy said closed courtrooms protect two things – bad judges and bad lawyers.

“They also protect bad institutions that serve those courts, such as social services,” she continued. “They should be there as the norm. If you have a specific exclusion, then you make it.”

Judy Sheindlin passed the New York bar in 1965 and was appointed as a judge to New York’s family court by Mayor Ed Koch in 1982.


Consultation – Transforming Legal Aid, or as We Like to Call It, Destroying Legal Aid….

Researching Reform

Perhaps one of the most important consultations to date, affecting not only solicitors, barristers and service providers but also families, the Transforming Legal Aid Consultation aims to get everyone’s views on the proposals to alter the already negligible system of legal aid.

This is one consultation everyone, we would humbly suggest, should engage with.

The idea that the government will save the tax payer “£220 million per year by 2018/19” (with this interesting caveat – “This estimate takes account of the assumption that, as in recent years, fees will not be uprated by inflation over the four years to 2018/19. It should be noted that the figures in the accompanying Impact Assessments are long run steady state savings which take account of the continued impact of the policy proposals.“), is not only short-sighted (what will the cost be to society as a whole if the legal system is…

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