The Philpotts – On Detection & Prevention of A Tragedy and The Status of the Celebrity

Researching Reform

Much has been made in the last few days of the terrible tragedy which saw six children die in a house fire at the hands of their parents. Mick and Mairead Philpott were accused of manslaughter along with an accomplice and friend Paul Mosley and on April 4th this year, all three were sentenced to prison for the deaths of these children.

Viewed as the driving force behind the incident, Mick Philpott received a life sentence for his part in the house fire, having to serve a minimum of 15 years whilst Mairead and Paul were told they would serve half their 17 year sentences.

Now widely acknowledged to be aggressive, abusive and controlling, Mick Philpott leaves behind a litany of violent crimes, sprawling almost forty years. From breaking a former girlfriend’s arm, to receiving a caution for slapping his wife and dragging her by the hair, as well as stabbing…

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