No Divorce Please we are MP’s!

Charles Walker MP
BROXBOURNE’S Tory MP Charles Walker has scotched suggestions he has been carrying out research into divorce rates among his fellow MPs.
As another MP, Claire Perry (Con, Devizes), announced the end of her 17-year marriage at the weekend, a national newspaper cited “unofficial research” carried out by Mr Walker that 23 of the 147 new Conservative MPs elected in 2010 had since undergone a similar separation from a partner.  The number amounts to one-sixth of the latest Parliamentary intake.  Another national newspaper went even further, calling Mr Walker an “unofficial counsellor” to Tory MPs.  However Mr Walker told the Mercury he had not been carrying out any work on the issue and had quoted the figure given to him by another MP. Mr Walker said:  “If it’s accurate, it’s a very worrying figure.”Ed Balls
My response to this recent article in my local newspaper is
In fact I would go further to say this article seems to me more like George Orwell’s New-speak or non-information, but regardless of the truth I repeat SO WHAT?

millsEven if all 650 MP’s were separated from their respective partners it would be more like the celebrity divorces who can publicise their story with immunity even making a documentary of it in the case of Katie Price and Peter Andre racking in millions for that story and  £25 Million is pocket change for Sir Paul McCartney! ( Us mere mortals are sworn to secrecy so as not to reveal the injustice in Family Court which allows no Press or public scrutiny… Lord Leveson!)
Even if Charles Walker himself found himself alienated from his children forced to leave the family home is it really plausible that his friend The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan-SmithM.P. would set his vultures from the CSA to persecute him for not supporting his kids from his  £70,000 Salary or prevent access (Visitation) to his second home. I wonder if Mr.Walker being estranged from his children for 5+ years as I have would consider dressing up as Batman and climb on Chris Grayling’s roof complaining he had spent thousands in Family Court just for Chammodest contact with his own kids, and in spite of a ‘Chamberlain’ Court order entitling him to do so. It is very unlikely that CSF, CAFCASS or even Social Services would become involved so the moral of the story is so long as you have the money you can flout the law and still get justice but those of us who are bankrupted by the process whilst (Till now ) the Legal aid fund is exhausted for Mum , a win win situation for the Legal professionals whilst we have to pick up the pieces after being ravaged by the corrupt

Family Justice system!

TY1( Oh and by the way Mr. Osborne making Legal Aid available only to cases where Domestic violence is reported, will simply increase the number of false allegations of violence and abuse to innocent Fathers, doesn’t anyone in Parliament watch Coronation Street?)


CAS Gets Hit Hard!!!!



Today local anti poverty protestors joined forces with Canada Court Watch and Voices to deliver a message to potential CAS Foster parents at CAS Foster Parent Recruiting Night.

While people were picketing outside, several activists set up shop inside the CAS recruiting event with sighns and pamphlets explaining the true nature of CAS and how it is used as a tool to target poor parents and steal their children.

Armed with several recent newspaper articles about corruption and CAS crimes against children, as well as information, many potential foster parents were shown a diffrent side to this “nice organization”. potential foster parents were appauled to find out that CAS is a for profit organization with no government oversite, granted tremendous powers. As we engaged in discussion we were approuched by the organizor of the event who said we could stay and particpate, since to my knowledge it was a public…

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