Cheap Trick – Government Cut-Backs!

I think this Collision-Government has reached new depths of deceit and lies and a total betrayal of the Electorate today!

George Osborne using the Mick Philpot case to justify taking benefits away from the sick and disabled, strange how all the euphoria of our Paralympics are soon forgotten!
 David Cameron to Justify Trident because of an implausible threat from North Korea has echo’s of Tony Blair convincing us that Iraq had WMD’s and like Blair Cameron is jockeying positions so he looks good to Obama Lap-dog styli and as The King of Jordan predicted prior to our involvement over Iraq, here to a whole can of worms could be opened including China, Iran even Russia!!
Along with the benefits being cut often to the most deserved in society and the demise of what we know as the NHS when resources have been open to the world it seems whilst those who have paid into for many years, including previous immigrants, are begrudged the services in retirement they need most!
Above all the social engineering of pitting worker against unemployed and sick Fire1against able- bodied is made all the more ironic when London Mayor Boris Johnson announces almost a million pounds to generate more films and
computer games to be made in London whilst essential Fire Services are being cut back ( Some thing we will need if  North Korea or others do attack!) All this reminds me of the Cold War Years so welcome to Soviet Britain 2013!