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IDS : The Dark Side!


 I was always impressed with The Rt Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP , like his counter (Bald) part William Hague he was never going to set the world on fire as Tory leader but at least he wasn’t stuck in reverse like John (grey man) Major!
Of  late however my views have started to change and I offer an explanation here. It is hard to feel any empathy for this once honourable Gentleman but please indulge me for our beleagured Minister lives a continuous contradiction!
On the one hand he is founder and chairman of the excellent Centre for social Justice, that work tirelessly to study and report on the effects policy has on the populous. Indeed Helen Grant MP who took over the retiring Ann Widdecombe’s  Maidstone seat sent me a draft of all this Governments plans for family justice reform once in power ( This may be viewed on my original blog)
On the dark side  our hapless minister is in charge at the Department for Work and Pensions, the cause of many social ills of our modern society! By the way is it right that Helen Grant MP should have such a prominent post in the Ministry of Justice and carrying on the George Orwell style of equality as all past Governments have? Is there not a conflict of interest when you learn she is also a Family Law Solicitor, What chance reform in that situation?
IDS, as we affectionately call him, is responsible for the Job Centres who can’t tell their **** from their elbow ,ATOS which seeks to persecute the sick and disabled,and the CSA which seeks to persecute good parents whilst pandering to the bad ones. I have to say he must like the sorrow he causes as he turned down the chance to be our latest Lord Chancellor and Justice Minister which went to another Counter (Bald) part in Chris Grayling!CSA