Family Law & Child Welfare Reform World4Justice : Cyber Protest April 2013

So here we are April 2013 and for me 9 years of campaigning so a timely suggestion to get Family Law and Child Welfare reform higher up the Political and Media agenda!


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We can all do our part
from the comfort of our own PC by lobbying congress/Parliament Notifying the media even our local papers or Radio phone in shows!

The challenge is to see which World leader will talk about is first and who’s media stations will take it to our Lame-Duck President/Prime Minister? 


Also as part of this months campaign4UN

we also target the United Nations both

in New York and Geneva details may

be found  earlier within this blog! 


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A 14 year-old girl from Ivybridge in Devon has said she is going to stage a protest outside the home of the judge who has refused to apologise to her after separating her from her father in the family courts in Plymouth for nine years.

Rosy Stanesby has said she will be begin her protest outside Judge Tyzack’s house in Farringdon at 11.00am on Sunday 7th April over his refusal to apologise for the trauma caused to her and her family by his actions.

Said Rosy, ‘All I am asking for is an apology from Judge Tyzack for the trauma and damage caused to me and my family by the actions taken in his court. He has so far refused and since I wrote to him the Police have now threatened to charge me with harassment.’

‘I will not be bullied into silence over this matter and I…

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