DWP : Corrupt to the Core!

Department for Working Pensions ( Not to be confused with a simultaneous campaign Demand for World Peace) is as much a contradiction in terms as the very role The Rt Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP finds himself in!
Any confidence I had in our much maligned former Tory leader has long been exasperated in light of his Jeckell and Hyde persona.
On the one hand he presides over The Centre for Social Justice which as published some realistic and  lordable observations;
But instead of responding in a measured and considered way he takes his challenges on like a maniac with a machine gun and more often then not targeting the wrong, and all too often the most vulnerable in society!
At the CSA he continues to persecute Fathers who have already paid and paid, and have  appeared in family court and have been granted contact orders to see their own kids, but as the mother chooses to withhold the children and claim to be a single parent the demands on the father increase unrealistically.( Something the State sanctioned bandits at the CSA chose to ignore!) Why does he think there is so much child maintenance outstanding? Those who have been to court want to do the right thing for their children and offer their address to the CSA get paul pegramhounded often to death whilst those who have never set foot in court and run away get away with it and are not pursued. The biggest saving IDS could make is to disband the CSA  and as I told my ‘local’ office some time ago if they are made redundant I hope they only suffer 10% of the pain they cause Dads! http://www.realfathersforjustice.org/news/index.php?itemid=661
Equally erroneous and seemingly coming under the DWP banner is ATOS who seem intent on picking on those with life restricting attributes  when my experience shows that they are all too willing to try to find work in spite of tangible restrictions those of us able- bodied take for granted, and I must pay tribute to many of our major supermarkets who are willing to help people into Remploywork when others may not. I used to deliver to a major store on the outskirts of London and was greeted but a back door man who was deaf & mute and whilst I quickly realised his situation I was humbled to see just how efficiently he carried out his tasks! Unfortunately the  ‘Collision” Government’s response to this is to close the very organisation that could assist people back into work at REMPLOY! 
images (6) It should also be remembered that many older people many now in retirement and some of whom were immigrants to this country after WW2 should now be allowed to enjoy access to certain aspects of the welfare state they have for a long time contributed to including the NHS. For younger people who are able to find work and those coming to our shores today maybe they should be encouraged to make some private health and employment insurance to supplement our ever-decreasing resources!

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