Good Parents4Justice : Mr President!


Fathers. Mothers, Grandparents , Uncles Aunties Brothers and Sisters  Four Justice!
As one Father to another, why does the President of the United States not appreciated  the corruption in Family Justice that blights the lives of many thousands of children and undermines society resulting in the need for many unnecessary agencies and organisations?
The writing is
on the wall!
As one father to a Mother  why does the First Lady seem keen to visit London England and invite 12 impoverished children from our inner city to visit the Whitehouse for tea when so many children right across the United States are suffering due to poor Family Judges decisions that render them at the mercy of the failing CPS agency?
Do the 2 most powerful parents in the World realise if they got it right for America then maybe JUSTICE would spread to the rest of the Family Justice WORLD?


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