Take the Financial Incentives out of Family Justice!

Children are being with held by one parent,most often the mother,in order to claim more from child benefit. The CSA fail to take account of any action taken in Family Court even if this means joint residency and shared care agreements! Social Services and CAFCASS appear to condone parental Alienation in spite of the fact most right minded people including child psychiatrists regard it as



Child Support = Government Sponsored Bandits!


Stop this Abuse NOW!

Rotherham Council has launched an investigation into the decision to remove three foster children from a couple because of their membership of the UK Independence Party.

I have never detected anything Racist from genuine UKIP supporters;  Davey



4 thoughts on “Take the Financial Incentives out of Family Justice!

  1. The Uk Family courts are systematically abusing families for profit & tax payers expense with impunity. If judges are not accountable to anyone in government then surely if we live in a law abiding democratic society they must be accountable to the public. This is part of the solution. At present judges can not prove that they are acting in the best interests of the children who they make decisions about because they do not keep any records on the long term out comes of the children who they make decision about. We need to publish their decisions. This would allow them to prove their is no bias & allow everyone to see for them selves. This can be done by simply removing the parents & child/rens names from the records which are published online so everyone can see what these so called good honest honourable people actually do.


    • I would challenge Lord Leveson to investigate his own industry and Clarke without portfolio that secret courts are not the way forward as we have learned in Family Court, as you say more accountability by those who make these willful decisions! Davey


  2. If you want to change the family court system to reduce parental alienation, then you are in favor of the international multidisciplinary group called AFCC who is helping run it, along with others.

    I am a mother. My children have been as alienated as any fathers, and the key factor in removing them from me wasn’t anything rational — it was a child support arrears. If you are a loving and good Dad, then you should be aware that fathers’ groups in the USA also (ideas are circulating between our countries through these trade nonprofits) are also protesting some of the HHS-based programs.

    However, the fact that my children were alienated from me, a mother, doesn’t count in court. It only seems to apply in certain directions and certain cases. However you look at it, the same group publicizing this term has a financial agenda, and no end of other terms that will endorse the same agenda..

    I see you started following my blog; it has good links, and good information. Also know that I support the work of certain intelligent bloggers (men) who have been on the other side of the equation, as I think Mr. Burien out of Arizona has been. You would do well to read his writings.

    Many of these bad practices and policies come from my state (California), not that I’ve always lived there. The development of the family court system, as best as I understand it, started in southern california (Los Angeles area) as a slush fund operating out of the local (and recently built: 1958 ca. 1963 or so) county courthouse.

    The mainstreaming and blending of psychology into the court system was also an agenda to undermine the concept of justice, due process, facts, evidence, etc. — i.e., there are laws against child abuse as in molesting or assaulting kids, as there are also against women abuse, too.

    However, the nonprofit/for-profit differential in the USA (I’m sure in the UK too) has created a serious class differential, and tends to centralize wealth, and undermine any concept of representative justice, if that indeed ever was on the map.

    As our income tax was started just in time for World War I, and much of this AND our economic system (i.e., our currency) has ties to Great Britain and London… perhaps this could be looked at.

    Our welfare system was affected by Rhodes Scholarships out of Oxford University, Rhodes Scholar, former US President Bill Clinton was part of the mix in making both your and my lives harder. The crowd calling “parental alienation” and who invented the term is making a killing from this (while people sometimes get killed in the ensuing conflict).

    I’m in favor of taking the financial incentives out of family justice as you are. Honestly looked at, this will result in a sincere desire to dismantle or abandon BOTH the child support system (I’m a woman, I’m owed thousands [that are uncollectable, really] and I am recommending it be shut down, you might want to know why….) and the Family Court system itself, which is a hybrid designed to move wealth from one parent to the other (causing nice court battles) and eventually to the courts themselves, and their cronies who run them.

    Look at some of my links, particularly an Anne Stevenson Huffington Post blog, “5 most Dangerous HHS programs”

    Having a court system hooked into the psychologists and psychiatrists (and from there, the pharmaceutical companies) of the world is contrary to sanity, logic, any rational understanding of history — AND the concept of individual freedom, and law.

    (Then again, some say the rule of law is a myth anyhow.)

    Also check out CAFR1.com, and really read the links. These are ALL economic issues and key to who is government anyhow.

    My understanding of the British school systems is that, until they began modeling some aspects after trends in the USA, they were superior to ours (public schools anyhow).

    This means that depending on your age, you MIGHT be better equipped scholastically than a lot of us o here are to understand these concepts. Maybe that would be a better use of your time. It’s really a mindset.

    Anyhow, I see you’re following this blog; thanks for doing so. Please also look at http://economicbrain.wordpress.com and consider following it. I have some indications its flag counter is being reset; I can’t get the Feedjit operational — but it has (which I know as blogger) last I looked, 18 followers. it’s material may be more useful (in format too) to you.


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