Unbelievable how can anyone trust IDS?

the void

Iain Duncan Smith  launched an astonishing attack on step-parents, single parents and LGBT couples this week in a move that could see welfare to work sharks brought into the family home and even the bedroom.

Speaking at a conference on social justice, the Secretary of State warned that in future the proportion of children no longer living with the same parents from birth would be a new government measure to monitor the growth of ‘social problems’.

His comments came after research revealed that half of 15 year olds live with both parents.  This is hardly a surprising statistic in world where people are no longer trapped into loveless, or even abusive relationships, in order to avoid the stigma that came with being divorced, a step-parent, in a gay or lesbian relationship or a single parent.

Iain Duncan Smith included children growing up with step-parents in a list of social…

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  1. I.D.S. is a psycopath and is not to be trusted with people`s happiness. He has no claim over me as he is beneath me, the lowest of the low. I think he`s gone too far this this time. Somebody section him: he has no interest in the real world or human rights, the victims of abuse, the efforts of charities and organisations that help keep the good members of families together. He`s a vicious, heartless CUNT. I rarely say that: only in extreme circumstances. Karma`s going to get him good.


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