Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is, Mr. Murdoch!

 Right or Wrong?…..The Sun on F4J advert.
Wrong that too many parents become alienated from their kids, and too many children are forced into irreversible
and harmful care!
Right is that hundreds of thusands of us are demanding change in Family Justice and Child Welfare WORLDWIDE!
In this year of The US Presidential Elections Fox News should be demanding;
JUSTICE 4 Every Man, Woman and Child in the United States!
It would be interesting to see just how family friendly Barack & Michelle and Mitt & Ann are?
David Cameron should reshuffle Clarke 4 Tebbit at the Ministry of Justice. IDS should disband the CSA and CAFCASS and Micheal Gove should make a root and branch reform of Social Services! Having scrutinised the press and politicians maybe Lord Justice Leveson should now review his own industry?
Stephen Harper should be made aware that Canada has a reputation of having the worst  Family Courts in the world and a poor CAS which is a shame as he appears to have gotten everything else right!
John Keys has been re-elected to office recently so he must be getting something right.Pity it is not at the Family Justice or CYFS system!
President Jacob Zuma of South Africa needs a wake up call on this too!
It should be suggested that Julia Gillard leave Oz on a sail boat and take the long way round to Fiji! 
Daveyone at The News International plant just off jct25 of the M25 London Orbital motorway.
Tell your nearest Murdoch Media outlet your view on this
So do you take up the challenge                                                          or are you past it?

2 thoughts on “Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is, Mr. Murdoch!

  1. Reblogged this on occupysydney and commented:
    Family is the basic building block of community the cornerstone of society. Government interference in Family is like Aids to the human body – an unwelcome incursion which seeks to destroy its host. Government must not control family or people-people must control government. When that happens this will not be permitted to exist


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